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Farm Crew Twin Organics at Twin Organics - 15524

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Farm Crew Twin Organics
Twin Organics
5860 290th St W
55057 Northfield , MN ,
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Job Description: 

We are hiring farm crew members for the 2022 growing season. The duration of the job is flexible in terms of start date, but ideally crew members would join us before May. We would prefer a commitment through at least October, with more work available in Nov/Dec for those interested in staying on through all or part of the late fall + winter seasons.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Farm crew responsibilities vary throughout the season and depend on your experience as well as what things you might be more interested in learning. Full time crew members will do a lot of the same things that the owners + farm manager will be doing. Early on, there will be greenhouse work with both transplant production for the plant sale and in-ground, covered vegetable production; followed by field transplanting and then regular seeding/weeding/irrigating, etc. Harvesting will be a large part of the daily work, as you would find at most any vegetable farm job. Starting in May, we harvest twice a week until mid fall. If you have more interest in plant production or indoor vegetable production, for example, we can steer your work in that direction; and if you have more interest in field vegetable production, we can certainly have you out in the field more.

Education & Experience: 

Twin Organics is looking for individuals who are self-motivated and in good physical shape, with the ability to learn quickly; to work at a fast, efficient pace; and to complete tasks. Previous farm experience is definitely a plus but not necessarily required for the job. We work in all weather but take plenty of breaks. The farm has an employee break room, kitchen and shower available for use.


We would ideally like to pay between $12-$18 hourly, depending on experience + qualifications. This is a great job for someone that may have some previous experience on vegetable farms but wants to learn more and/or have more responsibility. This position has a lot of potential to start earlier + work later into the year if that is of interest to you.

Application Instructions: 


If interested in employment at Twin Organics, please submit a letter of interest explaining your qualifications for the job + your interest in the farm and/or farming in general; along with a resume including the following:

Past work experience
Schooling and/or areas of academic interest, if applicable
3 work references
Or, if you think you are super qualified, skip those parts and just call Andrew at 605.695.0223 or email

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