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Farm & Estate Manager at Rancho Soquel - 11221

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Farm & Estate Manager
Rancho Soquel
1317 Soquel - San Jose Road
95073 Soquel , CA
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Job Description: 

Who we are:
Rancho Soquel is a 115 acre property in Soquel, Ca., which is currently in development as an organic production farm that will feature mixed vegetables, orchards, and a variety of pastured Livestock. It is also to be the private estate of the owner.

Farm & Estate Manager
Location: Soquel/Los Gatos
Reports to: Owner

Interested in being a part of a farm start up and overseeing the development of a world-class small-scale ag demonstration farm on a large private estate? Do you want to work and learn with expert consultants in regenerative agronomy, pasture management, pioneering nutrient-dense vegetable production, orchard management, and dairy operations? Do you want to participate in the development of facilities to support the farm production? If so, a 115-acre mixed production operation in Soquel, California awaits you. Be a major part of bringing a complex and beautiful vision to life.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

What you will do (not limited to the following):
Drive, execute, and oversee all major projects on the Rancho Soquel property.
Manage the team of farmers, labor crew, contractors, designers, architects, and county liaisons, to ensure that all development and farming initiatives are progressing and completed in an efficient manner
Ensure that all OSHA standards are met or exceeded and that a Safe work environment is constant.

Bonus points:
Pasture and livestock management experience
Organic farm management experience
You’re a licensed general contractor
Class A license
Able to perform physically demanding work, outdoors, on a slope, in hot/inclement weather
Skilled Bobcat operator
Written and spoken Spanish

Physical demands:
Most work performed outdoors; regular exposure to dirt, dust, noise, adverse weather conditions and mechanical hazards when operating farm tools/equipment. The employee is frequently required to stand, bend, grasp, perform repetitive movements, balancing, climbing, driving, kneeling, pushing, reaching, sitting, twisting, walking, & crawling.
Work closely with the owner to set annual, quarterly, monthly, and weekly goals and effectively plan for their execution;
Oversee all administrative duties of running a small business; timesheets, payroll, hiring, termination, invoicing, bill pay, and human resources.
Ensure that all Equipment is maintained to the highest levels.
Oversee the ordering of materials so that work is never held up due to backlog of sourcing.
Ensure that Benaroya Family Farm is adequately staffed, resourced, and operations are running smoothly.

Who you are:
You have a growth mindset (if you don’t know don’t apply).
You are an adept planner of complex initiatives and are ready to shift plans at a moment's notice.
You’re a tireless learner who loves to be challenged and challenge the status quo of what “the best” way is to do something.
You’re a highly flexible person who thrives on having many irons in the fire.
You have an indefatigable positive attitude.
You care deeply about quality food and quality farming.

Education & Experience: 

Your qualifications:
Extensive experience with construction project management
Experience working with contractors the county for permitting
Experience with being an integral part of running a small business from the ground up
Strong knowledge of Equipment maintenance or cursory knowledge enough to effectively problem solve any issues
Ability to lift 50lbs
Strong technology skill-set with a technology first attitude
Ability to self-motivate and work alone or with a team
General handiness and excellent problem solving skills
Commitment to giving and receiving direct, timely, and constructive feedback
Willingness to be flexible and shift priorities

Application Instructions: 

Please submit your cover letter (optional) and attached resume to

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