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Farm Field Crew Leader at Sang Lee Farms, Inc - 11191

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Farm Field Crew Leader
Sang Lee Farms, Inc
25180 County Road 48
11958-1319 Peconic , NY
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Job Description: 

Looking for one hard working leader with at least 1 year experience to lead our field crew for the 2021 season. This is a great position for anyone with some farm experience who wants to learn to be a leader and manage. It is just as important for us to make sure this work suits you as it is for you to make sure this is the right farm for you. We like to do a phone interview followed by an in person or skype interview. This all takes place between January and April. When you are hired, we will send you a handbook that you must sign off that you have read and agree to before your start date.

All Sang Lee Farms employees experience farming through hands-on learning on our diversified certified organic farm. Your roles will vary throughout the season but will primarily focus on the planting, maintenance and harvest of the “fruiting” crops such as tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, fall squash, watermelons, sweet potatoes, potatoes, and more. You will observe and interact with other areas of the farm as well from time to time, but this is your primary area. You will be involved with preparing for our CSA program shares early in the week (harvest, sort, weigh, package, count, and load) and similarly you will be involved with preparing for the farmer’s markets on Thursday and Fridays. During all these tasks, our field manager will guide and show you the way in the beginning, and then you will be the one in charge of making sure you and the crew complete the tasks.
The Farm’s focus is both production and education. All staff work closely with the farm team to learn the daily rhythms in the various parts of the farm and participate in discussions with the farmers. Additional learning opportunities are available through the Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training (CRAFT) .

Basic farming skills and know-how
This is a position that is meant for someone who knows basic organic farming skills. This includes knowledge of plants, seeding, transplanting, harvesting and more. You will learn more about all these things and how we do them here, but the base knowledge is important so you can guide the other apprentices and be a resource.
Leadership and management
We are looking for someone who likes to take the reigns and doesnt have any problem being responsible for others. This means asking questions and paying attention when you are being briefed on the tasks, so you can take charge in the field. You also should be a fast and thorough worker, so you can set the pace for others working with you.
Communication and ability to work with others
You will be mostly working with others, so this is a great job if you are somewhat of a people person. While you are not in the public doing customer service, you should be available to answer questions and lead the way for the crew. You also should be able to communicate clearly with the farm manager so you are able to complete assigned tasks, and know how to do them properly.
Punctual & prompt:
Since we all work as a team, it is important that you are someone who can consistently arrive on time to work. This means, arrive early, get your gear on and together. As the leader of the crew, you should really be early so you can have time to get things in order for when everyone else arrives.
We are looking to fill the following positions throughout the growing season:
45 hours / week (April - December)
All positions are Monday - Friday as weekends we are at markets and Sundays everyone is off. Some days we might stay past 5pm, but mostly the schedule is from 8am-5pm with 1 hour mandatory unpaid lunch.

We do not offer housing as a part of the apprenticeship. We do have some options that we can refer you to, but it is ultimately your responsibility to find a place to live, and figure out how to get to work each day.

For the right candidate, we are willing to offer a multi-season opportunity for you to rotate through the different areas of the farm to gain experience across many dimensions. Since we have a farm kitchen, bustling retail/markets & CSA program, there are many areas for you to learn before starting your own business.

Education & Experience: 

1 year experience on a comparable organic farm
Leadership and management skills / talent

Application Instructions: 

Email with your resume, 3 references and a brief description of why you want to work at our farm specifically, and why you are fit to be a leader for our farm crew!

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