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Farm Foreman at Wallow and Root Pasture Farm - 10986

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Farm Foreman
Wallow and Root Pasture Farm
97055 Sandy , OR
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Job Description: 

The Farm Foreman's job is to work in close conjunction with the Farm Operations Manager to complete and/or oversee tasks that are essential to day-to-day farm operations, maintain the safety and comfort of all livestock at all times and assist in monitoring the work of Farmhands.

Competitive salary rate and Medical Benefits after 90 days of employment

Wallow & Root Pasture Farm, located in Sandy, Oregon, about 40 minutes East of Portland.

At Wallow & Root, it’s definitely part of our mission to bring beautifully delicious and sustainably, humanely and pasture raised Heritage Pork to our community. And we plan on doing just that through Piccone’s Corner, our whole animal butcher shop, restaurant and bar opening in early 2021.

But we aren’t stopping there--- we are actively participating in the evolving process of shifting our food system to a better one.

Our guiding purpose is to cultivate a reconsidered framework for our local food industry. We want to play a meaningful role in the realization of a more conscious food economy in the Pacific Northwest by approaching every part of our industry with the question: “Is this interaction practicing love and respect for people, animals, land, food, and culture?”

Our goal is a positive and significant change in our personal, and collective, experiences of agriculture and food in the Pacific Northwest.

We are looking for team members that are excited about these ambitions and want to be part of an inclusive and thoughtful workplace. We work to foster a community of integrity and justice, and prioritize equitable access for those historically marginalized and exploited by the food industry. BIPOC, immigrants, women, and LGBTQ candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Adhere to company safety protocols during Covid
Be willing to work outdoors and in all weather conditions
Perform maintenance tasks such as the repairing of plumbing and or irrigation
Practice competency with basic tools and exercise basic building/carpentry skills, potentially including the creation and/or maintenance of animal pens
Operate equipment, common farm tools and small hand tools safely and according to their designated purpose or specification
Complete assigned daily and weekly tasks consistently. For example, daily and weekly animal care, equipment cleaning, organization etc.
Assist in overseeing the quality and completion of tasks assigned to Farmhands
Work in a team environment and support your fellow team members
Exercise mindfulness of the animals and their welfare at all times
Have understanding and respect for the dynamics of livestock management and the boundary conditions of our management systems. These are in practiced for a reason: our dedication to animal welfare above all else
Pay strong attention to detail and demonstrate ability to keep things tidy, organized and clean.
Possess a strong sense of pride and ownership in their work
Maintain awareness of our critical objectives. Practice being thorough
Ask questions, keep learning, and stay positive

Education & Experience: 

2+ years of farm experience ideal, but not required
Self-motivation and willingness to take charge when needed-- the Farm Operations Manager will generally manage the logistics of the Operation, but this position will be a supportive role in those efforts.
Interest in longevity. While we are a relatively new operation, we want to welcome a dedicated team member that is looking to learn and grow with us for the long-term.

Application Instructions: 

Please email your resume to

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