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Farm Help at Double H Farm - 15860

Job Title: 
Farm Help
Double H Farm
1401 Hunting Lodge Double H Farm
24599 Wingina , VA ,
Job Type: 
Employment Type: 
Job Description: 

- Weeding
- Harvesting
- Daily feeding of pigs
- Fencing
- Cultivating
- Operating machinery
- Planting
- Watering plants

Duties & Responsibilities: 

We need someone who can do everything from early morning chores such as feeding the animals to field work. Harvesting, weeding, planting, and more are required work. We prefer some skill in operating farm equipment and machinery, or at least a willingness to learn. Applicant should not mind working outside and being on their feet for most of the day.
This is hard work, but you would be learning a lot while working along side Ara and would be able to do a large variety of jobs. We need someone who is a fast learner and fast worker. We need a hard worker. We need someone who can do a lot of manual labor, for example heavy lifting in order to distribute feed to the pigs. Ability to speak English adequately is required, please. We prefer no drug use for the benefit of the plants and animals on the farm. We value hard work ethic, willingness/readiness to learn and cultivate skills, and trustworthiness. Please don't hesitate to email us if you are interested.

Education & Experience: 

Prefer those who have farming experience such as weeding, harvesting and those who have experience operating machinery such as lawn mowers, tractors. Experience with previous farm work is appreciated. Experience working with animals and the hard work that comes with farming is important.

Application Instructions: 

Please include a resume, if you have one. Include at least 2 references
Please list any prior farming experience and what qualifications you have for this job.
Please let us know if you can drive to meet us on the farm.
Speaking and understanding English adequately is required.
Leave a phone number so that we may call you to set up a meeting on the farm - here you'll get to know us better and it'll give you a chance to see the farm and understand the job requirements better.

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