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Farm Lead at Trellis Center - 14108

Job Title: 
Farm Lead
Trellis Center
300 Bare Road
98926 Ellensburg , WA ,
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Job Description: 

The Trellis Center operates a small non-profit vegetable, herb and flower production farm, dedicated to providing hands-on learning opportunities for teens and adults with developmental disabilities. Our ideal candidate is someone whom is dedicated to the importance of environmental stewardship and is energized by building relationships with people of all abilities.
The Farm Lead would manage all aspects of growing operation which includes; planning start-of-season operations (crop layout, seed selection, marketing strategies etc), monitoring crop development and needs and all growing areas which includes;
Hydroponic Building - Climate-controlled hydroponic room with automated LED grow lights, processing room, refrigerated cooler room for harvested plants.
Herb Building - 340 sq. ft. of growing shelves utilizing automatic capillary mat irrigation system with LED grow lights
Greenhouses -1,800 sq. ft. Fully automated, climate controlled greenhouses with automated LED grow lights, processing area
Outdoor garden area- 48 raised garden beds and a small cultivated/irrigated field for row crops.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

- Managing all aspects of growing operation which includes; planning start-of-season operations (crop layout, seed selection, marketing strategies etc), monitoring crop development and needs
- Work with the Program Manager in planning the delivery of tasks involved in the growing areas in accordance with the missions and goals of the program
- Collaborate with staff on tasks, obtains needed materials, and instruct planting/tending/proper harvest
- Orient new staff to growing areas upon hire
- Assess and acquire all materials necessary for growing in specific areas
- Operate farm within budget
- Create and manage sales of all produce, herbs and flowers at on-site farm store and in the community
- Perform or oversee harvest and processing of produce
- Maintain clean and orderly growing areas and all processing areas
- Set up, monitor, and maintain irrigation delivery systems at all areas
- Winterize all outdoor growing areas at the end of the season

Education & Experience: 

- Educational background in agriculture, horticulture, environmental science or relevant experience in the above fields
- Practical experience working in vegetable production
- Organized with the ability to prioritize daily farm tasks for a smooth operation of programs
- Resourcefulness and handiwork skills to maintain smooth operation of infrastructure and equipment
- Creates an environment of accountability, respect, and teamwork in the workplace
- Strong problem-solving skills
- Knowledge of plant biology and growing science
- Knowledge of produce, seasonality, and processing technique
- Knowledge or strong interest in the production of herbs/flowers
- Strong communication in both verbal and written form
- Management skills to teach proper technique (and adaptive technique) to staff and participants
- Leadership skills to guide staff and participants to achieve the highest level of success in the growing areas
- Knowledge of hydroponic and capillary mat growing techniques or willingness to learn
- Ability to keep detailed records of farm operations. Working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Excel and the ability to do extensive internet research
- Strong knowledge of compost and composting techniques
- Commitment to organic/sustainable practices

Application Instructions: 

Full-time, year-round, 40hr/wk (Monday-Friday) with all major holidays off. The benefits package includes medical, dental, paid vacation, and sick leave
Please email a resume and include at least 3 available times for a Zoom interview to

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