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Farm Manager and Educator at Odyssey Charter Schools - 10549

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Farm Manager and Educator
Odyssey Charter Schools
1350 Wyoming Dr SE
32909 Palm Bay , FL
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Job Description: 

We are seeking a dynamic Farm Manager and Educator who possesses the experience, qualifications, passion and vision to build a diverse and sustainable organic farm teaching both soil-based and aquaponic farming methods to interested middle and high school students at Odyssey Charter School in Brevard County, FL. Much of the necessary equipment and infrastructure already exists. The Farm Manager will also need experience and abilities related to property and equipment use and care.

Odyssey Charter School, Inc., is a network of tuition-free public charter schools serving Kindergarten through 12th Grade students with a focus on holistic education methods. Located on two school campuses in Brevard County, the schools are fully accredited by COGNIA (formerly AdvancEd) and are state and national models in “green” and healthy schools.

The School offers excellent salary and benefits, including medical, dental, vision, short-term disability, 10k life insurance, as well as a matching 401k plan and tuition reimbursement. We offer a collaborative environment with a highly trained and dedicated, child-centered group of educational leaders and professionals. Qualified candidates should submit their resume and a cover letter. Salary is commensurate with experience.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

• Teach farm education to middle school and high school students.
• Relate farming to the natural world and its environmental impact.
• Develop curriculum and implement educational programs.
• Build on existing relationships with other farms in the area; continue current programming and increase opportunities for collaboration and education.
• Foster community, student’s sense of personal growth, meaningful contribution, and social belonging through positive interactions and experience.
• Ensures the health and well-being of Odyssey Charter School students.

• Manage, tend, maintain, garden, and harvest from soil and aquaponic farms.
• Farm in all seasons of central Florida.
• Assist with scheduling/organizing crew for all farm activities.
• Perform some construction.
• Build and maintain irrigation systems.
• Start a compost program at the school.
• Perform some manual labor and direct students to perform manual labor in a safe manner.
• Manage risks, worksite hazards, teach and lead by example proper tool/machinery techniques, follow procedures and policies.

• Market and communicate farm programs to public.
• Communicate with administration team about farm as well as concerns observed in classes.
• Build on existing relationships with other farms in the area; continue current programming and increase opportunities for collaboration and education.
• Coordinate food from the farm for the Healthy Café with the Café manager.
• Attend, participate, and help plan community outreach events to promote programming, volunteer opportunities, etc.
• Acts as a communication liaison with Odyssey Charter School teachers, staff, and local community.
• Write grants for new farm equipment and projects.

Education & Experience: 

• 4-year degree in biology, agriculture, horticulture, environmental science, or in a related field
• 2+ years teaching middle school and high school aged students about farm education
• 3+ years of experience working on an organic farm.
• Teaching certificate is a plus.
• Must have a desire to be part of a team, strategizing organizational opportunity for growth and impact around farm education.
• Strong interpersonal and organizational skills.
• Excellent communication skills, both through email and phone and especially interpersonal skills and building relationships with diverse audiences and across differences of race, gender, class, lived experience, etc.
• Ability to work independently and with minimal supervision, as well as extremely collaboratively in teams.
• Desire to work closely with others and participate in a school community.
• Passion for local food, agriculture, and farm focused education
• Have a passion for farm education and teaching middle school and high school students.
• Desire to make a difference in students’ lives through hands-on, project-based learning.
• Knowledge of soil and/or aquaponics farming or willingness to understand both methods.
• Knowledge of Florida farming
• Some construction skills
• Experience in irrigation and composting
• Willing to perform some manual labor and direct students to perform manual labor in a safe manner.
• Has experience with risk-management, worksite hazard management, proper tool/machinery technique, and following of procedures and policies.
• Marketing and communication experience
• Grant writing experience is a plus.
• Driver’s license and good driving record.

Application Instructions: 

Please submit your resume and a cover letter to:

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