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Farm Manager at Frog Bench Farms - 13094

Job Title: 
Farm Manager
Frog Bench Farms
84108 Salt Lake City , UT
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Job Description: 

This job is Farm Manager for Frog Bench Farms (FBF) , an organic Urban Farm located at the bottom of the Wasatch foothills in Salt Lake City growing 1.5 acres of high-quality organic veggies, herbs, fruits, nuts and edible flowers since 2012. Cold frames, two high tunnels, low tunnels, an indoor microgreen hydro room, and a 2800 square foot glass greenhouse are used to extend our season all year. Sales are primarily to local restaurants, caterers, food trucks, and most recently direct-to-consumer with our Public Pick-up Program and online market. We do most weeding, planting, seeding, and harvesting by hand, electric tractor and motorized ATV available.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

This is a general outline of items to be accomplished by the farm manager and is not a limiting list to necessary duties.

● Facilities Management:
o Record Keeping
▪ Keep accurate records of daily, monthly, quarterly, annual, biannual tasks and activities with the existing task lists
▪ Track and manage supply inventory
▪ Sales
o Greenhouse/Inside facilities – kitchen, seeding, harvest pad, office area maintenance
o Equipment maintenance
o Irrigation maintenance, schedule, and repair. Knowledge of Rainbird irrigation system is a plus.
● Plants, Produce, and Landscape
o Create sustainable and organic crop production and rotation plan for all seasons and all parts of the farm
o Prepare and start all spring and summer transplants by calculating plant numbers, buying seeds, seeding, daily nurturing, and up potting
o Weed, weed, weed.
o Nurture the farm with soil conservation practices like amendments and cover cropping
o Create the daily farm-related task list for all staff and ensure that tasks are completed, including planting, weeding, harvesting, irrigating, soil amendment and general maintenance
o Keep accurate records of seeding, planting, harvest, and disease on individual plant varieties for current and future employees
o Ensure high standards of produce quality by overseeing all staff harvesting and processing procedures
● Chickens
o Egg collection, feeding, health, care, cleaning of coop and run
● Sales and Marketing
o Conduct all deliveries and oversee pick-ups
▪ Employee must have current, valid driver’s license
o Help to inform and expand our products sales, marketing and distribution plan
o Update the website with new photos and information as needed
o Create working relationships with restaurants, chefs, customers, and visitors to cater to unique requests and fill voids in the local produce network
o Update price list
o Continue to refine the product list in order to further understand sales of specific crops and seasonal flows of produce
o Conduct market research to identify hot items in the restaurant industry
o Manage the online marketplace and update photos on the website as needed
● Employees:
o Train new employees and provide a safe and open environment for sharing knowledge and working as a tight knit team
o Keep owners informed and involved in any employee issues (through a written report if it involves firing – warning notices) that concern discipline, hiring or firing
Physical Demands:
● This position requires typical physical demands for farm labor, such as walking, standing, reaching, stooping, squatting, lifting up to 50 lbs and working indoors and outdoors in cold, hot or wet conditions on uneven surfaces.
Health and Safety:
• Always be ready for the UDAF inspection and follow all UDAF, UDOH, CDC, and OSHA regulations
● Must be current on all vaccinations.
● Ensure quality standards and health safety of all farm and greenhouse cultivation and harvesting practices, storage of chemicals, maintenance of farm.
● Accepting responsibility and personal ownership for actions, results and risks.

Education & Experience: 

Necessary Experience:
- 3 or more years in a farming and/or greenhouse environment growing high yield organic herbs and vegetables.
- At least one year prior experience managing a farming operation.
- Knowledge or education in soil science, plant nutrient needs, weed/pest management, planting procedures, transplanting, seeding, harvest and post-harvest management.
- Proficiency with a variety of farm equipment, machinery, and hand tools.
- Microgreen growing knowledge is a plus.
- Marketing knowledge is a plus.
- Must be competent with QuickBooks, google drive, excel, and word.

Application Instructions: 

Please send a cover letter outlining all aspects of applicable experience along with a resume.
Send requested information to: Valid until November 2021

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