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Farm Manager at Healthy Hearts Institute - 16427

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Farm Manager
Healthy Hearts Institute
875 El Pueblo Ave
94565 Pittsburg , CA ,
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Healthy Hearts Institute’s (HHI), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, mission is to empower individual and community transformation through Health and Wellness. We believe that health is a human right, but for many who live in or are part of a disadvantaged community/population, this right has been denied.

In response to this inequality, HHI has created health and wellness programs that help to restore people’s health rights by addressing the economic, social, and environmental injustices that are at the root cause of this inequity. We do this by providing the education, tools and resources necessary for people to live healthy, socially connected, and environmentally sustainable lifestyles.

The purpose of our farm is multi-fold; 1) We grow healthy food for the local community; 2) Provide farm training and workforce development to disadvantaged populations: justice impacted, low-income, at-risk youth, housing insecure etc.; 3) Teach people how to combat environmental injustice in the face of climate change; 4) Provide a pathway for people to become more active and engaged with nature; 5) Educate people on seasonal produce cycles, nutrition, and the food system’s impact on climate change.


We seek a full-time Farm Manager committed to the mission and vision of Healthy Hearts Institute. The ideal candidate will be friendly, energetic and purpose driven. This candidate will have regenerative and organic urban farming experience, a Bachelors in Agriculture or related degree and a commitment to working toward health equity, social justice and environmental sustainability.

The Farm Manager’s primary responsibilities will be to direct and manage the planning and operation of all farming activities and programs, with a secondary focus of helping to provide oversight of the community garden.


Salary is competitive, includes paid vacation and holidays, and health benefits.

Duties & Responsibilities: 


- Effective leadership, managerial and organizational skills
- Excellent communication skills including public speaking
- Ability to lift/carry up to 50lbs+ pounds
- Ability to push or pull wheelbarrow of 15-100lbs
- Ability to create crop planning and crop rotation schedules
- Demonstrated budget management and forecasting
- Demonstrated record keeping of farming tasks and production
- Proficient knowledge of computer software (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Apple Numbers etc.)


- Ensure produce is grown, harvested, and stored for quality and safety
- Maintain records of farming tasks and production
- Manage and forecast the seasonal and multi-year operations of the Farm
- Initiate, research and oversee capital improvement projects as necessary
- Manage the daily and weekly operations of the Farm including but not limited to propagation, soil fertility and integrated pest management, irrigation, planting, harvesting, composting and vermiculture, landscaping
- Manage farm stand, delivery of farm produce to customers, and produce distribution
- Operate tools and equipment used in crop production, weed abatement and irrigation systems
- Train and manage farm assistants, apprentice, interns and volunteers
- Monitor and evaluate farm programs, document performance, recommend and implement modifications to improve program effectiveness
- Meet and maintain Food Safety Plan and organic certification requirements

Financial Responsibility and Reporting

- Maintain detailed accounting of expenditures
- Develop and manage annual operating budget for all farm related programs
- Publish annual farm report

Education & Experience: 

Bachelors in Agriculture or related degree.

Application Instructions: 

Submit resume, cover letter and references to

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