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Farm Manager - Produce at Francolin Farm - 14373

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Farm Manager - Produce
Francolin Farm
37064 Franklin , TN ,
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A Summary of Francolin Farm
Francolin Farm is a privately owned and operated, limited-commercial family farm. The primary goals for the farm operation are to produce high quality, organic, ingredients for owners and their close-knit community. The current farm footprint includes roughly 2+ acres of organic gardens and orchards, beekeeping, as well as greenhouses, and pastures for fowl and future use.

Produce Manager Position Description Overview
Francolin Farm is seeking an experienced Produce Manager to oversee all planned areas of farm operations and develop and expand the farms growth. As the required resident expert and leader, the Produce Manager will provide proactive management of the farm, leadership, and coordinate with others to best execute on a successful garden and community sustaining experience. The Produce Manager will be part of implementing the vision to an elevated, organic agricultural experience.

Best agricultural practices, personal work ethic, passionate leadership, initiative and effective communication will need to be the core of managerial skills.

Core Values, Mission, Vision

Core Values:
- Gratitude - We are thankful and we recognize life is a gift and acknowledge that gratitude cultivates
increased happiness, energy, optimism and empathy
- Humility - A controlled strength as in meekness. Striving to be a strong person who is tender and loves
others. Determined to be comfortable with who we are in the Lord and put others first
- Servant-Leader Generosity - Being joyfully kind and unselfish. Generosity pertains to giving of ourselves as much as it
pertains to giving of our resources and other valuables
- Passion for Learning - Proactive idea generation and research where we all succeed and share
- Purpose-Driven - We love what we do and we make every attempt to do what’s right the first time around

To glorify God in all we do and produce an experience that encourages private, community-sustaining living through agricultural production, gatherings, peace, and recreational opportunities.

Vision: “to live faithful lives with integrity and joy…and to eat well”
Supporting our family and close-knit community through regenerative gardening, fellowship, and recreation through a unique family farm experience in Leipers Fork, Tennessee. We believe that producing food organically is better for our wellbeing and nourishes our body in the best ways in order to accomplish our unique God-created design.
We acknowledge that we are but stewards of this land and our bodies, therefore we are responsible and hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards and we welcome the opportunity to learn and share with others what we are doing.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

• Value and share Francolin Farms core values, mission and vision
• Effectively and consistently communicate with Farm Owner about all aspects of the farm — progress, process, and production.
• Have the highest levels of integrity when it comes to farm management and representation of Francolin Farm in general
• A passionate desire and willingness to learn, improve and teach new processes and collaborate on concepts surrounding the agricultural vision
• Be discrete and keep confidential the private, personal and proprietary aspects of Francolin Farm
• Regularly engage with other community farmers and develop strong relationships within the Middle-Tennessee farming community, especially with likeminded individuals and entities, on behalf of Francolin Farm
• At times, work with Farm Owner to coordinate and support product development, programming and events
• Participate in continuing education to enrich your work and add to Francolin Farms overall pursuit of agricultural excellence.
• Stay educated on national best practices and innovate farm models.
• Adapt duties to the seasons, weather conditions, or a crop’s growing cycle
• Participate on planning for long-term farm development

• Conduct day-to-day farm operations in relationship to designated farming production.
• Field responsibilities include, but are not limited to, planting, harvesting, cultivating, pest/insect/weed management, maintaining equipment and premises
• Manage and share in seed, selection, propagation, planting, fertilizing, soil building, seasonal field work, yield research, plant diversity, harvest, wash, pack, quality control, and inventory of all farm grown produce and animal products
• Select and purchase supplies for farm operations
• Develop crop and programmatic plans with input from Farm Owner focusing on organic, regenerative, no-till principles and practices, including detailed weekly planting, growing, and harvesting schedules.
• Infrastructure planning, creation, and maintain with excellence the garden and orchard areas, irrigation, kitchen, storage and production areas, greenhouses, compost, tool shed, fencing - essentially all Francolin Farm facilities
• Assist with the development of no-till, organic, regenerative cropping systems
• Maintain clear and detailed records of each season’s plating and harvest logs.
• Log, maintain, inventory and manage repairs of farm machinery and tools, as needed
• Standardize and maintain Good Agricultural Practices and Food Safety guidelines along all production areas
• Assist in determining annual farm budget and cost projections and operate within the budgetary parameters

• Hire, educate, train, manage personnel and delegate responsibilities in order to properly execute farm production, seasonally, as needed
• Provide work plans for direct reports and maintain regularly scheduled meetings with farm personnel
• Coordinate materials for staff, volunteers and temporary workers including waivers, emergency contact forms, confidentialities, etc.
• Document field operations and manage methods of data collection, analysis, and reporting and develop and refine systems, processes and documentation to ensure high quality programming
• Operate equipment in a safe and efficient manner and teach equipment operation and maintenance to personnel, when necessary
• A serious passion for sustainable, regenerative, no-till farming, as described throughout.
• Excellent time management and organizational skills
• Outstanding and proven skills in managing divers teams with maximized excellence, productivity and efficiency
• Ability to transition between both programmatic details and organization-wide strategy, goals and initiatives
• Cooperative, service-oriented attitude and ability to work independently and take initiative, set priorities, and see projects through to completion
• Strong communication, interpersonal and relationship development skills
• Ability to be open and flexible to new ways of working
• Creative skills and ability to experiment to attain new, better strategies, approaches, and solutions to challenges and opportunities
• Flexibly and willingness to take on a variety of tasks along with an ability to work effectively in a highly collaborative, team environment
• Computer skills
• Must be willing to work in all types of weather and a flexibility in hours due to unpredictability and demand of farming
• Able to lift in excess of 50 pounds
• A valid drivers license and a clean driving record
• Able to work in an environment that requires a great deal of walking, standing, climbing, stooping, bending, kneeling, reaching, lifting, cutting, and carrying.
Preferred Qualifications and Experience
• Some experience in a hospitality environment
• Certification and/or degree in sustainable agriculture education or related fields
• Experience with soil and water management
• Experience working with some livestock
• Experience working with fruit/nut orchards
• Familiarity with food safety guidelines
• Knowledge of species and climate specific to Tennessee or similar
• Experience as an agricultural educator
• Project management experience

Salary commensurate with experience. As a salaried position, the schedule will vary with the seasons and weeks with long days often required in order for the position to be successful. Benefits Package.

Education & Experience: 

• 3-5 years of relevant work experience in horticultural crop production and farm management, specifically organic, no-till, regenerative farming practices
• 2-3 years of experience teaching, leading, or mentoring

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