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Farm Manager at Schams III LLC - DBA - Schams Farm - 11089

Job Title: 
Farm Manager
Schams III LLC - DBA - Schams Farm
PO Box 1299 Santa Clara County
95038 Morgan Hill , CA
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Job Description: 

A manager which based on experience and skill set will take on the overall responsibility to run a eco friendly and economically sustainable farm.
We strive to be socially responsible and conscientious as a business keeping in mind that money should be treated as a tool which used in the proper way, to minimize greed, can make humanity the way it used to be! We believe organic has become a buzz word used for marketing and we need to go beyond that to reach the balance and equilibrium which the natural way is all about.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Manage another full time currently employed and volunteers and further expanded work force as needed. Must be passionate and be a motivated, self starter which will be able to run the farm team and reach goals. Farm owners are educated, scientist, and believe in establishing systems to agree on what to measure and a dashboard to make management easier. Continuous improvement and six sigma projects are very helpful and farm owners are eager and willing to be team players.

Education & Experience: 

It is all about passion and having the "right stuff". Education is good but unfortunately public education was designed as social engineering and not to help all students reach their individual best.

Application Instructions: 

Please share your bio and tell us all about YOU, the life expetiences and how can we help each other.

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Volunteers/Volunteer Management