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Farm Manager at Top Leaf Farms - 4042

Job Title: 
Farm Manager
Top Leaf Farms
2201 Dwight Way Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94704
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Job Description: 

The farming crew manger is knowledgable with a minimum of 5 yrs of organic market farming experience, is a good team player and is very self motivated and directed. This position works as a supervisor of the farm team and works with the project manager. The Farm Manager is able to operate a variety of small farm equipment and specialty power tools, is proficient in electrical and plumbing skills and a high level of problem solving. A good working knowledge of horticultural and organic market farming practices is a must and a passion for high quality growing. This position is ideal for someone who wishes to build capacity within our company and build a partnership in growing our operations over the next 3 years.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Essential Responsibilities
1. Provide oversight and management of farm crew operating at two main locations in Oakland and Berkeley and can work with project manager in the development of these sites
2. Operates a variety of mechanical equipment including but not limited to: circular saws, drills, irrigation systems, sanders, plumbing equipment and electrical motor driven greenhouse equipment. i.e. timers, fans, heaters ect.
3.Works in a time efficient manner, can take and give direct feedback in time management or operations
4.Experience in computer management software and is Mac Literate with Numbers and Pages
5. Can record and document daily work flow and create lists of projects needed in order to get tasks accomplished
6. Helps to maintain a clean and safe work environment, including work site and equipment including directing of farm team to do the same
7. Although is a manger, can also work as a member of the team, and help delegate and empower other crew members with tasks.

Education & Experience: 

Minimum of 5 years of market garden production experience, proficient with direct seeding, fertility management, bed prep, t-tape irrigation systems, ordering, receiving, sales and marketing and is helping dismantle and disrupt the current food system and replace it with an alternative... aka part of the Regraian Revolution.

Application Instructions: 

Send a cover letter, resume and three references to

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