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Farm2Market Assistant Manager at Alameda Point Collaborative Farm2Market - 12855

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Farm2Market Assistant Manager
Alameda Point Collaborative Farm2Market
2600 Barbers Point Road
94501 Alameda , CA
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Job Description: 

Alameda Point Collaborative (APC) is the largest supportive housing community in the county, working to end homelessness by providing housing and services to create communities where formerly homeless families and individuals can flourish. APC’s Farm2Market (F2M) is a diversified working urban farm and a social enterprise of Alameda Point Collaborative. The farm consists of 2-acres of vegetable crops, fruit orchards, bee hives and flowers. We use our passion for community, food and the environment to support APC residents as they move toward economic self-sufficiency and greater health and wellness. The farm employs APC residents through a job-training program, which uses the real work of farm production, marketing, sales and customer relations as key activities through which trainees can learn work readiness skills, understand workplace behaviors and practice personal and team accountability. We offer two 6-month On the Job Training (OJT) programs for adult residents and an 8-week program for youth residents (ages 13-17) in the summer every year. In 2021, we plan to expand the youth program into spring and fall seasons as well. The farm also operates a CSA business to generate revenue for APC.

As a member of the Employment Services team, the F2M Assistant Manager will work in collaboration with the F2M manager and the other half-time F2M Assistant Manager to lead and supervise the crew of youth and adult resident on-the-job trainees, supervise volunteers, share responsibility for managing the farm’s CSA business (including planting, harvesting, maintaining the farm produce and fulfilling customer commitments), and upkeep and maintain the farm site. While our team of three shares responsibilities across all these areas, we envision this Assistant Manager to have a special focus on the success of the OJT programs and participants.

APC values diversity, and believes we better meet our mission by recruiting, training and retaining a diverse workforce that is representative, at all job levels, of the community we serve. Folks from all backgrounds and identities are encouraged to apply. APC is currently engaged in an organization-wide Racial Equity review and strategic planning process, guided by an external team of experts, in collaboration with an internal working group that includes staff members from diverse backgrounds and job levels.

Salary: This position will be offered at part-time, 20-25 hours/week, $20/hour, and provides 50% of an employee health, dental, and vision benefits package. Perks include free farm produce.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Employment Services Role:
- Act as a site supervisor and leader for our resident On-The-Job (OJT) Training Program.
-Act as a crew leader for both adult and youth crew members, modeling and teaching farming tasks and transferable work skills, professional behaviors and performance expectations and accountability.
-Work closely with crew members (both youth and adults) to help them articulate their specific goals and aspirations for participating in the program, and assist them in achieving these goals.
-Model and teach leadership skills, especially in working with F2M’s youth crew members.
-Maintain crew communication and on-site coordination to ensure work focus and role boundaries.
-Assist in the expansion of the OJT youth program to pilot spring and fall work seasons; support the development of a youth leadership track.
-Communicate concerns, absences and crew needs to Farm2Market Manager for collaborative problem solving and follow-up.
-Participate in Employment Team Meetings to ensure cross-departmental support of program participants.
-Follow APC documentation and record keeping standards and timelines.

Site Maintenance & Land-Stewardship:
-Share in the work of daily and annual upkeep of the farm to keep it a productive, beautiful and welcoming place. This encompasses a range of agricultural tasks, including: planting, weeding, fertilizing, harvesting, watering, pest management, greenhouse care, and more.
-Support maintenance, organization and development of farm infrastructure, including buildings, equipment, irrigation system, and program materials.
-Identify and offer suggestions for improvement of methods on the farm, staying up-to-date with best practices for organic, no-till, regenerative agriculture.
-Communicate clearly and effectively with the Farm2Market Manager and Assistant Manager around the work you complete, including thorough shared note taking and record keeping.
-Supervise and manage volunteers and interns on the farm as they help to complete farm tasks.

Farm Business Support:
-Share responsibility for meeting production commitments regardless of the crew size or composition.
-Maintain seeding, transplanting, and harvest data tracking and production records.
-Communicate tool, packaging, and supply needs to F2M Manager for ordering and uninterrupted production/ harvest process.

Community engagement:
-Work in collaboration with the F2M Manager and Assistant Manager to further engage the APC resident community with the farm and offer opportunities for APC residents to access resources for greater health and wellness.
-Work to expand and improve the farm’s community offerings such as seasonal celebrations, classes & workshops, school field trips, fundraisers, etc. (for non-COVID times).

Education & Experience: 

-Strong leadership skills, adept at leading small and large groups of people through farm tasks.
-Strong youth mentorship skills, adept at building motivation and enthusiasm in teens to complete tasks together, and navigating social and behavioral dynamics.
-Strong interest and enthusiasm in farming. While experience working in agricultural spaces is preferred, we are open to providing significant on the job training to any candidate who demonstrates strong interest in this field and has additional relevant work experience, even if they have not spent much time farming or gardening yet.
-Experience working, living and/or engaging with diverse groups from a variety of racial, ethnic, socio-economic, and work backgrounds.
-Have the physical ability to perform physical labor related to farm production and construction activities. (Ability to lift up to 25 pounds, bend, reach, squat, climb etc.)
-Must be available to work 3-4 days falling between Tuesdays through Saturday. Ideally available at least 1-2 Saturdays / month, but this may be negotiable.
-Excellent communication skills- clear, direct, kind and timely.
-Ability to multitask and juggle many different responsibilities.
-Demonstrated ability to understand and maintain workplace role boundaries.
-Good time management and organization of tasks and resources.
-Sensitivity to the challenges related to transitioning from homelessness to employment while maintaining consistency with trainee performance expectations.
-Ability and willingness to adhere to organizational policies and procedures.

Additional relevant skills:
-Experience/interest in facilitating trainings and/or working in a teaching role.
-Experience/interest in building/ construction trades.
-Experience/interest in no-till / regenerative agriculture.
-Experience/interest in fruit tree management and adept at pruning.
-Experience/interest in operating farm machinery and power tools such as weed whackers, lawn-mowers, skill saws, etc.

Application Instructions: 

Please submit a cover letter describing your interest, and a current resume. Emails must contain “Farm2Market Assistant Manager” in the subject line, and a cover letter and resume should be sent as one attachment.

Submit applications through this link:

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