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Farmer at Templeton Valley Farms - 5343

Job Title: 
Templeton Valley Farms
880 Climbing Tree Lane
Templeton, CA 93465
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Employment Type: 
Job Description: 

Templeton Valley Farms is looking for reliable workers to help run the farm. The position is open immediately. We produce crops all year for our CSA, farm stand sales and commercial accounts. The work includes planting vegetables from seed and bringing them to harvest, and caring for the fruit orchard and berries. The work is hard at times but very rewarding. Some farming experience would be nice. The right applicant can be trained. Please send a resume with your farming experience (if any) and some local references. You can check out the farm at If you are reliable and willing to work hard we can provide sufficient training so you can learn the basics of organic farming. The position can be full time or part time. Feel free to come out and work for a day to see if you are cut out to be a farmer.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Fruit tree pruning, crop management, weeding, harvesting, cleaning produce, sales, marketing, CSA, commercial account procurement, farm stand sales

Education & Experience: 

Experience in crop production, horticulture, land resource management, farming, one year prior experience working on an organic farm, honey bee experience, raspberry and blackberry experience, fruit tree pruning expereience.

Application Instructions: 

Apply by email by sending a resume of your farming experience, schedule/availability, two local references, and your contact information. If I am interested I will call you.

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