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Farmer in Training- Fort Lewis College at Fort Lewis College- Old Fort at Hesperus - 3288

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Farmer in Training- Fort Lewis College
Fort Lewis College- Old Fort at Hesperus
18683 Hwy 140 Hesperus
Hesperus, CO 81326
Job Description: 

For those who want more experience before starting their own business or getting a farm job, farmers-in-training (FITs) work 2-3 days per week, both in the Education Garden and co-managing a 1-acre plot in the Incubator Field from May through October. Experience in the education garden and FIT plot will range from harvesting greens to fixing drip irrigation, from planting peppers to packing CSA bags. In addition to winter educational classes, monthly informal classes will be offered during work hours, including pump maintenance, harvesting and food safety, direct seeding, and other topics with hands-on components.

Learning farming skills that will support them in the future, FITs will be able to design and run irrigation, select varieties, manage weeds, and harvest, process and market many different crops, and will be poised to apply as incubators continue farming in various capacities the following season.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

The Old Fort at Hesperus is a growing and multi-faceted answer to farmer training in the Four Corners region. Welcoming everyone from college interns for brief summer experiences to incubator farmers ready to start a business, the Old Fort offers good (and challenging) growing conditions, supportive and knowledgeable staff, a lively farming community, and rich resources for high elevation market farming.

Each growing season, the Old Fort welcomes 3 FITs. Applications due in December, classes start in February, and field work days in late April.

FITs must be available part time from February through October; current Fort Lewis students are encouraged to apply instead to the internship program.

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Go to our website for application, program information and site guidelines.

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