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Farmhand on Private Farm at Private Farm in St. Helena - 10191

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Farmhand on Private Farm
Private Farm in St. Helena
St. Helena, CA 94574
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Job Description: 

We are an ever evolving family vineyard with fruit orchards, olive orchards, forests and a vegetable gardens in St. Helena, CA, embarking on a journey of creating regenerative systems. As we move into organic regenerative farming we are looking for someone eager to be part of a passionate team, who has experience in biodynamic and/or regenerative agriculture who can help with planning and implementation of new practices. She/He will help in all aspects of production, harvest, property maintenance, composting, animal management (only chickens and ducks for now, working on integrating sheep for holistic planned grazing and shearing) and other manual work. We are also working on a donation program for the excess food we grow, a small donation-only farm stand for the community, and an internship program. The new addition to this land is a piece of property that includes a fruit orchard and vegetable garden where the soil has been completely depleted from over-tilling, we plan to implement practices to increase soil health and carbon sequestration in this area as well as the rest of the property. This person will be involved in developing these ideas, and many others and play a significant role in executing. Responsibilities do not extend to the vineyards but will be in synch with vineyard management and landscaping team.

Position involves working with farm owner and team to develop and implement long-term regenerative plan for the entire property, prioritizing daily activities with the garden consultant, head gardener and property manager and working closely with a small team to make sure all systems are working symbiotically. Responsibilities include preparing soil for planting, watering garden, starting seeds, saving seeds, organizing the greenhouse and sheds, overseeing and turning compost piles, weeding, harvesting, post-harvest handling, feeding the ducks and cleaning their tub, moving chicken trailers for grazing, gathering eggs, overseeing building projects having to do with planting (i.e. new greenhouse). All of these tasks will be worked on and split with our head gardener.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

• Maintaining orchard and garden plantings, as well as crops planted throughout the property (aside from vines and olive trees)

- watering garden daily
- feeding ducks, cleaning their area and changing out water
- moving chicken trailer daily, observing and tracking behavior, feeding them with supplemental grains, changing out water

• Using and basic maintenance of farm tools and equipment, including tractor, saw, shovel, and other implements
• Work in a team atmosphere along with other permanent and seasonal workers.

• Harvest and packing of produce and assembling packages to donate and for potential farm stand, keeping track of all yields, excess, waste and donations

• Keeping records of inputs used on all crops and harvests
• Other activities as designated by farm owner and Head Gardener

Education & Experience: 

• English required, some Spanish is desirable but not required.
• Valid drivers license 

• Healthy physical condition and ability to lift 50 lbs.

• Experience in biodynamic organic farming, permaculture or regenerative farming is required. Education in this area is helpful but not required.

• Good organization and attention to detail
- eager to learn, team-oriented and openminded

Application Instructions: 

Please email Olivia Camille, at with your CV and brief cover letter.

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