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Field Crew at Lovefood Farm - 14544

Job Title: 
Field Crew
Lovefood Farm
1679 Pleasant Hill Rd
53589 Stoughton , WI ,
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Job Description: 

Lovefood Farm is a certified organic vegetable farm near Stoughton, WI. We grow a wide variety of veggies and herbs which are sold to restaurants, farmers markets, grocery stores and our CSA program in and around Madison, WI. We are looking for great people for our field crew team working from spring through early fall.

Position Summary:
All members of the Lovefood Farm team love to be outdoors, have great attitudes, play well with others, can work independently, are reliable, in good shape, communicate well and persevere in the face of challenges like weather, mud and sun. This position will involve harvesting, planting, weeding and washing veggies and herbs of all shapes and sizes at our beautiful farm in Stoughton, WI. This position is additionally the jack/jill of all trades on our farm and will be enlisted to complete other field tasks like laying landscape fabric, pounding posts, simple repairs, trellising tomatoes and much much more. See the job duties below and apply via email if interested.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

1. Basic Field Work - All employees share in the primary farm tasks listed below. You will spend the majority of your time together with other employees doing this work:
--Harvest, wash, and pack produce
--Weed and hoe
--Transplant vegetables
--Other maintenance and horticultural tasks as needed

2. Other Potential Duties -
--Watering greenhouse plants
--Trellising tomato plants in the field or greenhouse
--Running irrigation
--Assisting with washing and packing veggies and herbs
--General tool maintenance like sharpening, cleaning
--Delivery Driver

3. Dates and Times of Work
--These positions can be full or part time with a minimum of 3 days/wk always including Monday, our busiest day.
--Positions will start in March/April and continue through the end of October and potentially on into November.
--Hours are 7:30-4 for both full and part time employees with a 30 min unpaid lunch
--Occasional days off are generally okay with prior approval but be advised that we do work holidays like July 4th, Memorial Day and Labor Day.

4. Compensation
--Starting pay is $14/hr and is based on experience.
--A $.50 bonus will be awarded per hour worked for each employee that works through their agreed upon time period. For example, agree to work through Sept 31st and as long as you stay, you get a $.50 bonus for every hour you’ve worked throughout the season.
--A $100 gear stipend is provided at the start of the season

Education & Experience: 

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
--Ability to work effectively and maintain deadlines with limited supervision
--Critical thinking and decision making skills; able to make effective decisions under uncertain/variable conditions
--Basic math skills including arithmetic; ability to perform and interpret basic calculations related to count, weight, time, rate, and distance
--Verbal and written communication skills; ability to follow instructions and to clearly express ideas in a concise and professional manner
--Highly effective collaborative skills; must perform comfortably in group settings
--Strong work ethic with history of good attendance
--Ability to lift/carry up to 50 pounds, occasionally lift up to 100 pounds with assistance
--Must be able to perform physical work in a variety of positions and at various heights including bending, stooping, reaching and twisting of arms and body movement
--Tolerate working in a variety of temperatures & environmental conditions

Application Instructions: 

Application Process:
--Email a resume
--We will review applications and select folks for a one hour phone interview
--We may then schedule an in person interview with a trial work session on the farm. The trial work session is an opportunity for us to evaluate each other while doing real work. It’s the most important way we assess applicants. We will pay you for the trial work you do here.
--Based on your interview, trial work day, interviews and references, we will offer or deny employment.

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