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Field Lead at Ecolibrium Farms - 17485

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Field Lead
Ecolibrium Farms
15410 NE 124th St
98052 Redmond , WA ,
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Job Description: 

Ecolibrium Farms, a diversified organic vegetable farm in Redmond, WA is hiring a passionate and skilled Field Lead.

This position requires experience with, understanding of and passion for market gardening. Primary job responsibilities include daily collaboration with the leadership team (farm manager and farm director) to oversee all field-related tasks on our 2+ acre, certified-organic, mixed-vegetable farm. The Field Lead will be in charge of implementing the farm plan as it relates to field prep, direct seeding, transplanting, harvesting, field maintenance, and irrigation in the fields and greenhouses. This is a Full-time position February or March through October with the potential to continue on through the Winter.

Harvest zones include 120+ 100’ market garden beds in the fields, 10,000+ sq ft unheated greenhouses and six 8ft raised beds as well as a small orchard and a few hundred blueberry plants.

This position will be primarily focused on field management tasks but as a small team running a diversified farm this person will also need to help out across other areas of the operation, when needed. This may include running a delivery, helping in the wash-pack, seeding or other areas of operation, as well as assisting with CSA pick up or other events outside of normal work hours (usually 8am-4:30pm).

Ecolibrium is driven by market gardening principles, utilizing human-scale tactics and keeping a light footprint, as we produce a large quantity of quality produce on small acreage, using ecologically-sound practices. We have high expectations of our team - both physically and mentally, and hope to build a successful team of fully committed members to ensure the proper function of a successful farm crew and broader farming community.

Compensation is hourly depending on experience. Perks include free produce from the farm!

We're committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace and strongly encourage applicants from all backgrounds and walks of life to apply.

Job Requirements:
Leadership skills are essential. The Field Lead will be heading up a crew during harvest, planting, and maintenance tasks.
Effective communication and leadership experience
Train seasonal farm staff
Maintain positive attitude and team cohesion amongst the field crew
Motivate crew to accomplish time-sensitive tasks and maintain efficiency (know how to grind and set the pace)
Serve as both a team leader and effective team player. Work effectively with others to accomplish goals and resolve problems.
Create a plan and execute it.
Responsible for creating a daily/weekly work flow in collaboration with the Farm Manager and Farm Director.
Ability to identify potential problems, recommend viable solutions, and make decisions in line with company values when appropriate.
Represent the values of the company whilst interacting with anyone on site or doing any off-site work (i.e. on deliveries, interacting with customers).
Positive attitude and enthusiasm for sustainable food production.
Know how to safely use:
Small Machines (0-20 HP): BCS - 749/853, DR brush cutter, weed whacker, DR string trimmer
Large Machines: Tractor, forklift, chainsaw
Have previous knowledge/experience and be conversant in market gardening practices and ideas (be familiar with the content created by JM Fortier, Curtis Stone, Ben Hartman, Conor Crickmore and/or Eliot Coleman)
Have familiarity with the PNW climate and unique growing challenges

The ideal candidate has:
3+ years of experience on a diversified vegetable farm.
Appropriate tractor and machinery skills to accomplish tasks above.
Knowledge of irrigation systems for vegetable production - field and greenhouse - we use wobblers and drip tape.
Ability to lift 50+ lbs and work long hours in all types of weather conditions.
Ability to operate heavy machinery and power tools confidently and safely.
Ability to use Excel and other recordkeeping software to maintain accurate farm records.
Ability to communicate effectively with coworkers and clients.
Must have a valid driver’s license.

Application Instructions: 

To apply, please send your cover letter and resumé to Make sure to mention any applicable skills or experience. If you are unsure about whether or not you are qualified, please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email with questions or concerns.

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