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Field Production Assistant at Camas Swale Farm - 14429

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Field Production Assistant
Camas Swale Farm
91424 Coburg Rd.
97408 Eugene , OR ,
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Camas Swale Farm is a local, family-run, certified organic, commercial produce farm located 20 minutes north of downtown Eugene. Our produce goes to local grocers, restaurants, food hubs and to our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) families. We are seeking hard working, reliable, clear minded, caring individuals to join our crew for the 2022 season. We encourage all genders and races to apply. Preference is given to individuals with experience in organic produce farming or related fields such as landscaping or food industry. This is athletic work and you must be able to lift 50 lbs and work in the various Pacific Northwest weather conditions.

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In 2022 we are hiring another solid field crew member to join our core team and a couple peak season harvesters. We are also welcoming applications for an integral role on our farm-- someone with a few seasons of experience who is looking to take on a little more leadership either in the field (Field Assistant) or in the pack out/harvest arena (Pack House Lead).

Assistant and Lead positions start at $15.00/hr + produce. All staff receive stipends for use towards education or supplies for work and after two seasons of employment, Roth IRA matching funds. Staff earn PTO per hours work, for a full time year round employee this amounts to about 30 hours.

The schedule on our farm is M-F 8am-5:30 pm for most of the year with a daily unpaid 30-60 minute lunch break. 

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Seeking an integral member of our core farm team to assist owner/field manager (Field Production Assistant) with field preparation, irrigation, and tractor cultivation, and production schedules. Overtime, this person may also assist with crew leadership in the field.

Our farm employs a core year round team of about five individuals, with an additional three or four seasonal crew members and about ten voluntary "harvest helpers" who join us for harvest one day per week. Most of our staff are experienced and have been with our farm for multiple seasons.

Education & Experience: 

- Two full seasons on produce farm or multiple seasons experience in related field such as landscaping required.
- Leadership experience preferred.
- Tractor or heavy machinery experience preferred.

Application Instructions: 

To apply please email your resume, completed application (download here: ) and any questions to

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