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Floral Manager at Sweet Mountaintop Farm - 14757

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Floral Manager
Sweet Mountaintop Farm
8590 Ocean View Rd
93001 Venutra , CA
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Job Description: 

This job opening is for someone who is interested in running our floral program at the farm. What we are really looking for is someone who wants to run this program as if it was their own business. The ideal candidate should be able to demonstrate that they have an understanding of how production works on a flower farm that arranges bouquets for farmers markets and weddings. The ideal candidate should also have an entrepreneurial spirit and be able to demonstrate their ability to run a profitable business venture. Finally, the ideal candidate should be interested in growing with our company and expanding the floral program over the coming years.

The floral manager at Sweet Mountaintop is responsible for the flower harvest and bouquet production for our weekly farmers markets. During our busy season, you will have at least one other person working alongside you, at times potentially 3-4 other people, so managerial skills are a must. The flowers we have available in our fields are constantly changing throughout the year. In July and August, we have so many flowers that it can be hard to sell all of them; in the fall our fields become exhausted and flowers are scrappy, small, and much less abundant. We are looking for someone who is able to adapt to what is happening in our fields and make use of every flower that is available. Organizational skills are also important in order to keep track of how many flowers are harvested each week, how many bouquets are made each week, and maintain adequate inventory of the supplies that are needed for each week of production. A huge bonus would be if you have experience performing the actual farm work involved in growing flowers, and if you would be interested in participating in the farming aspect.

Necessary shifts/availability:

You will need to be able to work Thursdays and Fridays, no exceptions. We go to farmers markets every weekend and bouquet production must happen on Fridays, and harvesting takes a full day and must happen on Thursdays. There will be times when you will need to be available on other days as well in order to produce arrangements for a wedding or event order, although these orders are usually fulfilled on Fridays. Other work days depend on how much you, as the person running this enterprise, are willing and able to expand the sales channels and production of bouquets and arrangements. We can assist you with this expansion as you get comfortable with your role and familiar with the local market.

Thursday 6-8 hours (flower harvesting)
Friday 6-10 hours (bouquet production)

Shift start time varies depending on season. During summer, shifts usually start around sunrise due to heat, and we start later in the fall and spring.

Start Date and seasonal outlook:

This position will likely start in May 2022. Our busy season is from June - October, so you will need to be available for that entire time. If you are planning to take multiple vacations, or be gone for more than a 2 week period during the busy season, then this position might not work out for you. Although bouquet production still happens in the fall, things do start to slow down in November, and we begin to switch over to focusing on holiday sales. Wreath production ends up being the main flower production by Thanksgiving and lasts until around Christmas time. We usually take a few weeks off after that, and then depending on weather, we start back up with bouquet production in mid-late January 2023. This is a very slow time of year, and this is when we would prefer for vacations to happen. This year we will be planting varieties of flowers that will start producing blooms in late winter of next season, so there will still be some amount of bouquet production happening even in the slow season. Things slowly ramp back up through spring and then May is when things start to get busy again.


We will have you come work a trial period with us, to make sure that you are a good fit for the company and that your skills in the required areas are sufficient for managing this enterprise. During this trial period compensation will be $20/hr. After a successful trial period, compensation will increase to $23-$25/hr, depending on your experience and performance during the trial period. Additionally, we will be offering the person in this position bonuses in the form of profit sharing. Profit sharing amount will equate to 5% of gross profit on all floral sales (excluding garland sales). Gross profit would be calculated by subtracting total floral labor costs from total floral sales. These bonuses will be paid out quarterly. You will be paid as an independent contractor, and you will receive an IRS 1099 form for all wages paid, including bonuses.

About Us:

We are a small farm that focuses on growing medicinal herbs and everlasting flowers. Our current growing space is less than 2 acres. Our products include fresh herbs, dried herbs, herbal bouquets, herbal products, everlasting bouquets, and products made with everlasting flowers such as wreaths, garlands, and flower crowns. All of our crops are grown with organic practices. We love sharing our products and passions with the community and as our farm continues to grow we are hoping to expand our products into more markets.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Roles and Responsibilities:

-Harvest flowers and herbs weekly for farmers markets
-Make bouquets weekly for farmers markets and load market vans
-Fulfill bouquet orders for special events and weddings
-Manage crew of floral employees
-Train less experienced crew members to be quick and efficient
-Keep records of all flowers harvested and all bouquets made each week using Google Sheets
-Keep inventory of floral supplies using Google Sheets
-Plan out production and bouquet design each week based on what is growing and blooming in the fields
-Help plan plantings throughout the season

Education & Experience: 

Required skills and attributes:

-Experience managing bouquet production on a farm or similar setting for at least one full season
-Experience training and managing a team
-Ability to work in all weather conditions
-Weather on the farm can be cold, windy, foggy, wet, or very hot. Bouquet production still needs to be completed
regardless of weather.
-Ability to use Google Sheets
-Must be positive, responsible and reliable
-Good organizational skills
-Strong communication skills
-Must be able to commit to working in this position for the full season

Application Instructions: 

Please email your resume with a cover letter to We would prefer to receive a comprehensive resume that contains all of your past work experience, instead of one that is tailored to this position. Thanks!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions about the farm or the position.

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