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Flower Production Manager at Fifth Crow Farm, - 14056

Job Title: 
Flower Production Manager
Fifth Crow Farm,
PO Box 527
94060-0665 PESCADERO , CA ,
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Job Description: 

Fifth Crow farm is hiring a Flower Production Manager!

This position is a year-round, Tuesday-Saturday or Wed-Sunday full time managerial staff position (40-50hrs/week).

Pay: Commensurate with experience ($18/hr-$21/hr) + Health insurance, Dental option, 2 weeks paid vacation, possibilities for longer unpaid leave in the Winters.

The Flower Production Manager is responsible for overseeing the production, harvest, and sales for our organic flower operation. The position requires supervising 2-3 native Spanish speakers daily.

Qualifications: This position is ideal for someone who is willing to commit at least 2 years, has leadership/managerial skills, solid production experience, a demonstrated passion for flowers, and is ready to take on significant responsibility. The ideal candidate is detail oriented and organized, has at least 2 years of relevant production experience. This means a solid knowledge of propagation and growing of a diverse assortment of flowers, harvest & post-harvest handling techniques, and creative arranging experience & skill. The candidate must also be good at time management, enjoy working in a dynamic and fast paced working environment, and be able to communicate with Spanish- speaking co-workers.

Applications accepted through Jan 15th 2022

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Responsibilities include:

-sowing schedules and crop plans
-supervising and coordinating with the tractor team and crew leader
-creating a weekly work plan and sharing that with supervising farm owner during weekly check ins
-supervising and overseeing the harvest, weeding, care, and post-harvest handling of all the flowers
-managing the field crew when necessary (expect this to be largely in Spanish)
-production and harvest record keeping (sowing schedules, plant out dates, field maps, any organic certified pest control product applications)
-supervise/plan for/ and help arrange approx. 300 bouquets weekly
-manage and oversee the maintenance and upkeep of flower related equipment and supplies (make sure flower sleeves, buckets, hand tools, etc. get re-ordered when needed etc.)
-lead one farmers’ market/week

Education & Experience: 

See job description

Application Instructions: 

To apply please send a resume including two references, and a cover letter that includes responses to the following questions to Maggi at

1. Thoroughly describe your previous pertinent farming experience (name, type of farm, your responsibilities, etc.)?
2. What is your experience in sales? Management?
3. Tell us about your work style and communication style. What kind of boss gets the best work out of you? How do you deal with conflict?
4. What are your future goals?
5. Why do you think you are a good fit for this position?

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