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Food Justice Network Program Director at Cultivate Charlottesville - 16059

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Food Justice Network Program Director
Cultivate Charlottesville
PO Box 5282
22905 Charlottesville , VA ,
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Job Description: 

Cultivate Charlottesville is seeking applications for our Food Justice Network Program Director position which is part of the Cultivate Leadership Team. The FJN Program Director is primarily responsible for advancing food equity in Charlottesville through partnerships, organizational systems, and community engagement. The Cultivate Charlottesville team recognizes the impact that systemic racism, individual bias, and white supremacy has on the Charlottesville community and all team members work to recognize, respond to, and dismantle inequities in the work we do.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

The FJN Program Director core functions include:
1. Provide Strategic Leadership for the Charlottesville Food Justice Network
- Collaborate with the Cultivate Advocacy and Systems Executive Director to set strategy for the Network and practices to advance toward overall FJN goals.
- Facilitate FJN Planning Team and facilitate FJN Large Group including meetings, partner outreach, strategy alignment, racial equity trainings, and work progress.
- Build relationships with individuals and key partner organizations to engage community voice and decision making in food equity efforts and its intersections.
- Implement food justice capacity building – create and host presentations and research to build capacity for food equity; write newsletter, blog, and social media posts to inform and educate.
- Maintain network communication and administration – provide direction to maintain an up-to-date FJN webpage, FJN communication tools, and FJN administration tasks.

2. Implement the City of Charlottesville Food Equity Initiative
- Sustain and cultivate mechanisms for community voice including both formal and informal meetings with oversight by community members on programs and broader food access issues.
- Contribute thought leadership – policy insight and strategic initiative to discussions on the core areas of intersection with food equity including: Urban Agriculture, Food Access, Affordable Housing, Healthy School Foods, and Transportation Food Pathways.
- Compile and disseminate research including an analysis of food system assessments that identifies gaps and opportunities for investment.
- Bring community and partners together to advocate for the Food Equity Initiative Policy Platform and ensure implementation of program recommendations and actions.

3. Manage the Community Food Justice Network Team
- Food Justice Network team has four staff positions including the Program Director, Community Advocate Lead, Program Policy Associate, and a seasonal intern. During the summer we also have five Community Advocates. The FJN Program Director is responsible to manage the team, ensure work plans are developed and implemented, and provide guidance and overall program direction.
- Work with the Community Food Justice Advocate Lead to manage advocates, design work plans, provide reports, and integrate the initiative into overall Cultivate strategies towards community leadership and equity.
- In collaboration with the Youth Leadership Team, design, and host youth food justice unit to enhance the internship, advance equity, and build youth food justice experience.
- Work with the FJN Policy Associate to implement policy advocacy efforts.
- Provide input on annual program budgets and work within spending guidelines.

4. Ignite and Organize Advocacy Efforts
- Develop and implement innovative community engagement practices that center the voices of communities of color and community members facing food insecurity.
- Lead advocacy efforts for food justice policies and practices across city, public, and nonprofit institutions that affect systems change. This includes advocacy efforts such as the Food Equity Initiative Policy Platform, The Power to Grow campaign, Food Equity Fund, and other platforms.
- Provide robust communication and thought leadership on advancing the intersection of food equity and urban agriculture, affordable housing, food access, healthy school foods and transportation.

5. Organizational Capacity Building
- Be an active member of the Cultivate Leadership Team and engage in the effective operation to achieve our mission.
- Work with the Advocacy and Systems Executive Director to prioritize grants that can support the long-range work of FJN. Create timelines, collaborate with partners, and ensure timely submission of proposals and reports.

6. Strengthen Organizational Goals and Values
- Contribute as part of the Cultivate Charlottesville team with organizational activities such as community events, social media and community outreach, evaluation tracking, etc.
- Engage in a robust culture of inquiry where critical thinking, self-reflection, and ideas on effectiveness, improvements, and building equity are welcome.
- Work to transform racial inequities in all aspects of your work with strategic and intentional action.
- Cultivate health and environmental sustainability in all program strategy and implementation.
- Each staff is also responsible for collecting and submitting evaluation data.

All Cultivate staff members are responsible to uphold values and practices that support reaching our mission with integrity and which utilize our core organizational strategies including: Engage and educate youth in nature through garden based experiences; Grow and share food to enhance access, connectivity and health; Collaborate with partners and community; Dismantle racial inequities and actively build

Education & Experience: 

The Food Justice Network Program Director requires multiple skill sets including a high level of organization and engagement, innovation and initiative, passion for engaging with community, flexibility, and commitment to the Cultivate vision and values.

The preferred candidate will have:

- A minimum 5-10 years of leadership experience or a master’s degree in a related field (food justice, urban agriculture, community food systems, public health, racial equity, policy advocacy) including some degree of management and advocacy experience.
- Excellent research, communication, and organization skills as well as the ability to manage multiple projects and priorities with flexibility and alignment to our mission.
- Experience working in diverse communities with a clear understanding of multi-cultural contexts and racial equity practices.
- A specific preference for experience in Charlottesville’s neighborhoods.
- Racial equity analysis skills and/or, an anti-racism background.
- Computer competence including MS Office Software and other online tools.
- Value the self-determination of community members to address issues around food equity.
- Transportation and a good driving record.

Application Instructions: 

To apply, please submit a résumé, cover letter, and contacts for two references to Katrina Beitz at Include “FJN Program Director’’ in the subject line. In the cover letter, please address: How your experience is relevant to the Food Justice Network Program Director; What interests you about this position with Cultivate Charlottesville and what is your familiarity with Charlottesville in the context of racial equity. If you have the software, please bundle your cover letter, résumé, and references into one PDF.

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