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Garden Manager at Nick's Cove and Cottages - 10993

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Garden Manager
Nick's Cove and Cottages
23240 Highway 1
94940 Marshall , CA
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Job Description: 

Nick’s Cove and Cottages is located in Marshall, California on the eastern shore of the Tomales Bay. Our restaurant and hotel offers visitors waterfront dining and accommodations, and the grounds feature cottage gardens, walking paths, and a large vegetable garden.

We are looking for a motivated and qualified individual to head up our garden operation. The Garden Manager is responsible for developing and maintaining all of the garden spaces on our property, and much of their time and energy is dedicated to annual vegetable production. The garden manager coordinates with the chef to bring seasonal vegetables into the kitchen, runs a seasonal cut flower program, and works with the marketing team to develop ideas involving the garden.

This is a full-time, salaried position with an average work load of around 50 hours/week. Benefits include yearly paid time off and health, dental, and vision insurance. There is no employee housing available.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

- Manage all aspects of vegetable production, including seeding, irrigation, cultivation, fertilization, pest management, pruning, harvest, and processing
- Write and execute a yearly crop plan to ensure uninterrupted vegetable production
- Source vegetable and flower seeds, and raise seedlings in our greenhouse
- Monitor, maintain, and develop existing ornamental gardens throughout the property
Care for a small flock of egg laying hens
- Manage onsite compost production
- Send crop availability to the kitchen weekly, and meet with the chef to coordinate changes in seasonal offerings.
- Lead an effort to sell and/or donate excess produce grown in the garden
- Post content to the garden’s Instagram account, and write occasional blog posts
- Maintain a beautiful public space, free of work clutter
- Manage the schedule and workload of one part-time garden employee

Education & Experience: 

- At least three years spent working on a vegetable production farm
- Experience with hand tools and tilling
- Extensive knowledge of the following: Integrated pest management, irrigation, greenhouse management, seasonal crop planning, variety specific gardening practices, soil fertility and health, harvest management and processing, cut flower production and processing, cover cropping, composting

- Perennial plant care, familiarity with ornamentals and their maintenance, hoop house growing, bio-intensive and market gardening techniques, care of chickens

Application Instructions: 

Send your resumé with a cover letter to

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