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Garden Program Manager at Common Threads Farm - 14173

Job Title: 
Garden Program Manager
Common Threads Farm
PO box 841
98227 Bellingham , WA ,
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Job Description: 

The Garden Program Manager position will manage, train, and support AmeriCorps Food Educators and community volunteers stewarding school and community gardens that are both educational and productive.

Duties & Responsibilities: 


Serve as a member of the Common Threads’ core leadership (Perennial) team - representing farm and garden stewardship and providing agricultural skills training within the context of Common Threads’ overall mission, purpose and programs
Work closely with other members of the Perennial team to refine curriculum and program offerings to make the most of the school and community-based gardens throughout the year.
Direct and oversee AmeriCorps Food Educators in management of production/learning gardens including cultivating and harvesting annual vegetables, herbs, flowers, and bush and tree fruit, managing perennial food forests, irrigation, crop planning, mapping, pest management, facilities improvement
Advise and support AmeriCorps Food Educators in pacing and timeliness of garden tasks throughout the year
Develop and implement systems to maintain and improve garden quality (aesthetics, accessibility, soil health, community engagement, etc.)
Direct and oversee new garden and garden expansion projects
Coordinate procurement of agriculture materials to support curriculum delivery and garden management (both purchases and donations)
Work closely with Common Threads staff and district facilities staff on developing and fulfilling school garden design and maintenance expectations
Support planning, planting, harvest, procurement, storage, and distribution of food for all cooking programs run by Common Threads (classes, meals, camps)
Manage harvest logs, in-kind donation logs and distribution
Cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with local farmers

Education & Experience: 

Skills and Qualifications
Passion for and understanding of Common Threads’ mission and programs
Ready, willing and able to think about farming and gardening through an equity lens
Agricultural training and experience (formal or informal)
Experience with and passion for garden education and for mentoring in a farm and garden setting
Self-starter, flexible, collaborative, reliable, able to prioritize multiple tasks and meet deadlines, and willing to respond creatively to changing community needs
Physical stamina and an appreciation for the varying needs of gardens across seasons
Strong written and spoken communication skills
Skill and experience building and sustaining relationships
Able to work as part of a small and close-knit team: coordinate, collaborate and delegate as appropriate
Strong computer skills and experience with using spreadsheets for data tracking, crop planning, and project management
Legacy/sustainability oriented – strong documentation and record-keeping skills
Able and willing to travel between multiple sites (by foot, bike, bus, personal vehicle or Common Threads vehicle as appropriate)

Application Instructions: 

Send resume, cover letter, and two references to Common Threads: and fill out this demographic survey (optional)

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