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GARDENER AND EDUCATOR at Love to Table (Unconditional Freedom) - 14537

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Love to Table (Unconditional Freedom)
1275 4TH ST #3220
95404 SANTA ROSA , CA ,
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Unconditional Freedom is looking for a full-time gardener and educator to manage the gardens at the Mendocino County Jail & Mendocino County Juvenile Hal, where Unconditional Freedom runs a variety of programsl.
We want gardeners who can teach sustainable agricultural and permaculture methods and let the garden itself educate all while drawing out the brilliance each student has within.

About Unconditional Freedom

We address the whole of the human ecology—from soil to food to body to soul. We focus on the most outcast, the homeless, the incarcerated, the addicted.
We see prisons as monasteries: places of penitence rather than punishment.
Too many people return to prison because the experience hasn't transformed them.
We want people in prison to be given the tools for healing and introspection so they can learn the skills to thrive—not just survive—when released.

Our programs offer the tools to restore human dignity: through soul-restoration through working with the earth, connection to nourishing food and access to liberation practices like yoga and meditation.
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About The Earth Program

The Earth Program is our initiative to restore and rewild the earth through our own connection to it. We build from the soil up, regenerating the land and growing food. We introduce permaculture farming methods to support natural systems and we restore damaged ecosystems where harm has been caused. We draw on a global network of talent and expertise.
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About Connection Services Company

Unconditional Freedom uses the Connection Services Company as its primary source of staffing needs. This position is being recruited by Connection Services on behalf of Unconditional Freedom. The Connection Services Company is an employee collective. We believe in creating a world based on connection first, and production second. It is our belief that not only does this feel better, but through collaboration and a united sense of purpose, it is actually more productive as well.

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Duties & Responsibilities: 

Successful candidates will be team players who feel called to work with the local incarcerated community and can teach and guide a garden crew of up to 10 incarcerated individuals.

They will have:
• A deep knowledge of garden management from greenhouse seeding to harvesting and everything in between (soil cultivation, digging, mulching, drip irrigation, weeding, edging, pruning, culling, bed preparation, and planting).
• Knowledge of permaculture methods and ability to teach through immersive, hands- on training to new gardeners
• The ability to teach safe and accurate use and maintenance of hand tools, power tools, and garden equipment
• A cooperative and professional approach to working with volunteers and staff at the Unconditional Freedom Project, as well as jail administration
• An eye for aesthetic landscaping, the knowledge of how to create that vision, and a gift for taking a garden and making it feel like a sanctuary
• In addition to maintaining the grounds at one or both gardens and ensuring that all grounds areas are cared for, garden coordinator/instructor will maximize production of fruits and vegetables for jail kitchen.
Must successfully pass a background check. Advanced degree in horticulture or agriculture preferred. Master Gardener Certification and beekeeper experience a plus. Salary commensurate with experience.
Physical Demands:
• Lifting, bending, kneeling, reaching, walking, & standing for long periods of time.
• Must be able to lift and/or move up to 25 lbs and occasionally more than 25 lbs.
• Must be able to endure moderate extremes in temperatures & other weather changes.

Education & Experience: 

No specific education requirements. Case by case basis.

Application Instructions: 

Please call Chelsea Nieman at 734-476-6961 or email to apply!

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Volunteers/Volunteer Management