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Garden/Farm/Grounds at Brooks Winery - 12803

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Brooks Winery
21101 SE Cherry Blossom Lane
97101 Amity , OR
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Brooks is a family owned winery in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Brooks is the only winery in the US to be Demeter Certified for Biodynamics, a Member of 1% For The Planet, and a Certified B Corporation. Brooks donates it’s 1% proceeds to Kiss The Ground, a media and education non-profit focused on regenerative agriculture.

Brooks owns 5 acres of land used for multiple purposes. A 30’ x 80’ produce garden supplies our culinary program throughout the year. Medicinal herbs are grown onsite support our Biodynamic applications. Ornamental gardens provide habitat for beneficials, increase biodiversity, as well as ambiance for grounds and tasting room guests. A remaining 2.5 acres are still to be developed for Biodynamic education purposes. The property currently has chickens, however, we have plans to expand in the near future with the incorporation of bees, ducks for grazing, and other animals to support a closed-farm system.

Duties & Responsibilities: 


Care and maintenance of all gardens throughout the year including pruning, planting, harvesting, irrigation, mulching, mowing, weed and pest control, and other work as needed.

Work closely with our Executive Chef to collaborate on appropriate seasonal planting and ensure it supports the winery’s rotating menu, bi-weekly harvest in order to maximize usage of produce.

Assist winemaking team with biodynamic preparations and applications, harvesting medicinal herbs, building and maintenance of compost pile, and annual reporting.

Point person for all animal care, incorporation on the farm, and maintenance of their habitats.

General care and maintenance of the entire 5 acre property.

Design and manage the site plan and budget for the biodynamic education area including selecting location, components, contractor bids, and integrating animals into the site.

Submit Resume to Janie Brooks Heuck, Managing Director

Education & Experience: 


Biodynamic and regenerative farming
Property planning and management
Vegetable and food production
Ornamental gardening and landscaping
Preparing and spreading compost
Planned grazing with mobile fencing
Livestock management, particularly with poultry—having worked with ducks is a plus
Vineyard experience and knowledge is a plus
Tractor driving is a plus

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Please submit cover letter and resume to

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