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Gardens, Food, and Wellness Education at High Rocks at High Rocks - 5684

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Gardens, Food, and Wellness Education at High Rocks
High Rocks
195 Thompson Rd.
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High Rocks began in 1996 as a residential summer camp on a mountainside to help girls prepare for high school with a positive outlook about themselves and their abilities. In New Beginnings Camp, they overcome insecurities and fears of horses, math, writing, public speaking, and making new friends, sharing ideas in a supportive community of adults and peers. Camp Steele has different tracks including art, media, social movements, construction, food, culture, and robotics from which girls can choose. Over 20 years later, we work not only with girls at summer camp, but throughout the year with students and volunteers of all ages, at our 200 acres on the mountain and in town with partner organizations, with the aim of making our communities stronger, richer, more vibrant places to work and live for all of us. Gardens, Food, and Wellness Education AmeriCorps members at High Rocks will recruit students and volunteers to learn and grow with them in the gardens, in the kitchen, in wellness and in entrepreneurship. Together they will plant, care for, harvest, and prepare vegetables from the High Rocks gardens and high tunnel, learning about the health and nutrition available from locally grown produce as they provide nourishing options for their peers and for the local market. This hands-on education broadens students’ understanding of the importance of healthy food choices, and as a result of these activities, volunteers and students will gain increased self-efficacy, persistence and problem-solving skills on their way toward becoming life-long learners and leaders in resilient communities.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

* Recruit students and volunteers, distribute flyers, contact them by phone and social media, assist with transportation. * Plant and care for gardens. * Mentor students. * Harvest, pack, store, and process produce. * Lead students and volunteers in menu planning and food preparation for healthy snacks and meals at all programs and events including camp. * Wellness programming. * Lead students and volunteers in developing a market garden, including production planning, communicating with buyers, post-harvest handling and transportation to market. * Coordinate gardening workshops. * Communicate by email and phone with and assist with distributing gardening supplies to 30 local gardens. * Keep records of workshop attendance, supply distribution, and harvest. * Share environmentally conscious practices including recycling and composting. * Clear or remove invasive species and build or improve trails. * Writing and photography for blog.

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Teamwork, physical stamina

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Volunteers/Volunteer Management