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Goat Grazing Assistant at Charlotte Williams Goat Grazing - 14809

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Goat Grazing Assistant
Charlotte Williams Goat Grazing
94515 Calistogia , CA
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Internship for a goat grazing operation. Opportunity to learn the targeted grazing business from the ground up, providing a service for customers who are primarily seeking fire hazard reduction and noxious weed control. I have San Clemente Island goats, a rare and endangered breed.

Position includes daily goat care in a wide variety of weather conditions; management and breeding; care of livestock and herding dogs; use and repair of portable electric fencing, solar charger and panel; operation and maintenance of diesel four-wheel drive dual pickup and 20 ft livestock trailer; daily business management.

Each job is a little different, ranging from remote to near property owner’s homes, a great opportunity for folks that want to spend their time out in nature while attentively caring for a herd.

Must be able to lift and maneuver bales of hay, goats and 5 gallon buckets of water; approximately 40 to 100 lbs.
Must have a valid driver's license.

If interested, please contact –
Charlotte Williams 707-889-1788

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If interested, please contact –
Charlotte Williams 707-889-1788

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