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Goat Herder Foreperson at The High Lonesome Ranch - 17314

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Goat Herder Foreperson
The High Lonesome Ranch
275 County Rd 222
81630 De Beque , CO ,
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Job Description: 

The High Lonesome Ranch (Ranch) is seeking to hire a Goat Herder Foreperson with proven, demonstratable abilities to manage a profitable meat goat enterprise and a team of herders on a diverse arid landscape. This role is an opportunity to help achieve the Ranch’s mission of regenerative stewardship of the land and financial viability.
The Ranch anticipates growing our goat enterprise rapidly in the coming years. In the first season the GHF will be working with directly with the goat herd with additional labor from H-2A visa herders as needed. In subsequent seasons, the GHF will work in conjunction with the Livestock and Agriculture Manager to build and manage an effective team to facilitate growth of the enterprise.

About The High Lonesome Ranch
The High Lonesome Ranch sits along the spine of the continent on the Western slope of the Colorado Rockies along the Colorado River watershed. We have dedicated significant resources and on-going efforts to conserve and restore the important habitats and watersheds that we steward, and our agricultural enterprises are designed and implemented as crucial parts of this work. We partner with local, regional, and national landowners, research institutions, NGOs, government agencies and private companies to understand these vast lands, direct regenerative activities, and share what we learn.

The Ranch encompasses 370+ square miles of private and leased mountain forests, grasslands, springs, creeks, wetlands, and alpine mesas of altitudes ranging from 4,200 to 9,400 feet. The Ranch is dedicated to an economically and ecologically sustainable operating model through the practice of regenerative adaptive grazing, which uses careful management and monitoring to improve the productivity and resilience of the land.
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Salary: Starting range $36,000 - $45,000/yr plus benefits
• Medical Insurance
• Housing On-Site
• Clothing Allowance
• Leave Consisting of Vacation, Sick, and Holiday
• Life Insurance
• 401k Vested Matching

Duties & Responsibilities: 

• The Goat Herder Foreperson (GHF) will be responsible for overseeing the profitable and ecologically beneficial operations of the Ranch’s goat enterprise under the direction of the Livestock and Agriculture Manager.
• GHF will directly oversee one unit (700) of goats and manage additional herders across the Ranch to achieve the Ranch’s economic and ecologic goals.
• GHF will be responsible for:
o Maintaining the health, safety, and proper nutrition of the goat herd and guardian animals.
o Creating a regenerative impact on the land and vegetation (fuel reduction, target species reduction/removal, grass recruitment, soil health, etc.) per the instructions of the Livestock and Agriculture Manager.
o Performing necessary tasks for breeding, kidding, and kid sales.
• GHF will coordinate with Livestock and Agriculture Staff Members to access additional labor when required but will be responsible for daily herding and management needs.
• GHF will work with the Assistant Livestock and Ag Manager to coordinate sales for kids and direct sales of goat meat.

Education & Experience: 

• 1+ year experience herding goats, management experience preferred.
• Willingness to live on-site with the herd in mobile housing.
• A desire to grow a profitable and scaled enterprise to match the opportunity of this large landscape
• The GHF must be proactive and committed to learning about and implementing the mission of the Ranch.
• A passion for the land, conservation and wildlife.
• A work style that befits a growth organization, based on collaboration, curiosity, active listening, clear communication, problem-solving and accountability.
• Proficient/Fluent in Spanish or willingness to learn.

Application Instructions: 

TO APPLY: Email, include Resume and Letter of Interest
Deadline: December 15, 2022
Start Date: Spring 2023, flexible

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