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Grazier-Ranch Hand-Stockman at Peeler Land & Livestock, LLC - 11384

Job Title: 
Grazier-Ranch Hand-Stockman
Peeler Land & Livestock, LLC
81059 Model , CO
Job Type: 
Employment Type: 
Job Description: 

Grazier-Ranch Hand-Stockman

Duties & Responsibilities: 

The Grazier-Ranch Hand-Stockman will live on the ranch in a provided 2/2 house. S/He will help with most all aspects of day-to-day operations such as building temporary and permanent fence, moving/repairing water systems, rotating livestock (cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, earthworms) in paddocks, repairing equipment/vehicle, building/repairing all infrastructure/buildings, working cattle, record keeping, monitoring animals and soil health, planning future tasks, and much more.
S/He will participate in planning new ranch enterprises and implementing such.
S/He will be responsible for not using drugs, alcohol nor smoking while on ranch controlled property.

Education & Experience: 

Ranch working experience is necessary.
At least a general knowledge of livestock production systems is needed.
Candidates need a knowledge of holistic management and regenerative agriculture principles and to display excellent critical thinking and observation skills, communication skills, technology skills.
Candidates should have strength and stamina necessary for outdoor, ranch type work.

Application Instructions: 

Please send a one-page cover letter, a resume and three professional job references to
Phone calls at this time are means for disqualification and are not acceptable.

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