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Grazing Technician - Fire Fuels Reduction and Invasive Plant Management at Moon Hollow Ranch - 13013

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Grazing Technician - Fire Fuels Reduction and Invasive Plant Management
Moon Hollow Ranch
95476-4766 Sonoma , CA
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Job Description: 

Moon Hollow Ranch is seeking an ambitious person to join our team in the role of Grazing Technician - Fire Fuels Reduction and Invasive Plant Management. We steward nearly 700 acres consisting primarily of post-fire rangeland, with some grassland, pasture and vineyard. Two flocks of mixed sheep and goats are rotated through diverse areas of the property year-round. We are seeking the right person to set up fencing, move and care for the livestock and remove remaining dead vegetation/fuels from the grazed areas afterward. Management of the areas will be determined based on differing forage types, ecosystems and management goals.

Position Summary:
Under direct supervision of the Gardens and Livestock Manager, the successful candidate will be in charge of setting up, maintaining, moving and storing electronet fence and solar chargers. Livestock groups may need to be moved as frequently as every 1-2 days, occasionally less frequently in certain situations. Livestock will need to be observed daily for health and wellness. Livestock guardian dogs will need to be fed daily, livestock will be provided a mineral supplement and water will need to be hauled to the livestock as needed. Familiarity with, or the ability to learn plants that are toxic or otherwise harmful to the livestock is required. The ability to tow and backup a small trailer is necessary in order to move the sheep/goats into new areas and to haul water to them. The work will be in steep, rocky, sometimes difficult to access terrain. Poison oak and rattle snakes are common throughout the property.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

The major responsibilities of the position may include, but are not limited to:

*Ensuring all livestock are kept safe and healthy at all times
*Daily set up of electronet fencing
*Maintain electronet fence in good working order, checking daily, repairing as needed
*Weed eating and clearing brush from areas prior to the fence being installed
*Moving sheep, goats and Livestock guardian dogs to areas being grazed and between paddocks
*Feeding dogs, ensuring the livestock have loose mineral
*Removing brush from grazed/browsed areas after livestock are moved and preparing for chipper
*Other farm duties as necessary depending on successful applicants skills and interests

Education & Experience: 

Minimum Job Requirements:

*Ability to safely use gas powered equipment and power tools including weedeaters, chainsaws and chippers
*Knowledge of the use of electronet fencing and solar chargers
*Ability to tow and back up small livestock trailers and water trailers
*Knowledge of and comfort working with livestock including large, territorial dogs
*Ability to safely work outside year-round, including in inclement weather and with exposure to poison oak and rattlesnakes
*Ability to follow verbal and written instructions, work as part of a team, or work independently
*Must be able to lift 50+ lbs
*Ability to exercise discretion and maintain confidentiality and privacy
*Valid California Driver's license and a reliable means of transportation
*Full background security check
*Strong attention to detail and the ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks
*Ability to be punctual and keep a good attendance record

Application Instructions: 

To be considered for a position, please include a cover letter mentioning the position you are applying for, a resume detailing your past work experience and three references. Email to:

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