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Grounds and Landscape Manager at Soggy Bottom Farm - 12629

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Grounds and Landscape Manager
Soggy Bottom Farm
Leola , PA
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Grounds and Landscape Manager Position
Soggy Bottom Farm is a small private farm and family estate located between Lititz and Leola, Pennsylvania. We have horses, sheep, goats, chickens and aquatic species. In addition, there are gardens and landscaping that decorate our home, as well as feed our family. The job is 1/3 animal and pasture care, 1/3 yard and garden maintenance and 1/3 new ventures like landscaping and farm improvement.

We are looking for a reliable person to work 40 hours during the week with flexibility

Daily duties will vary, but jobs include:
• Handling horses, mucking out stalls and fields, moving feed and hay and checking water, and responding to animal
health issues, feeding, watering, and coop cleaning of chickens; and goat/sheep pen upkeep, hay management and
• Field maintenance - maintaining fences and mow/bushhog fields on a regular schedule, spray, weed-wack and seed as
necessary; and drag riding ring weekly and pull footing from edges monthly
• Grounds maintenance and landscaping including weeding, mowing, edging, trim trees, mulching
• Gardening - planning, plant ordering, planting, watering, trimming, fertilizing, ability to identify and remove invasive
plant species
• Outdoor house upkeep including power washing terrace and driveway maintenance, and weekly trash removal
• Landscape construction including hardscaping, trail maintenance and creation, patio and stone construction, light
electrical work, pathway trimming, tree trimming and removal, use of chainsaw, tree planting and fertilizing
• Irrigation install and repair, irrigation commissioning and maintenance; cultivate soil, sow crops and control weeds by
slashing, rotary hoeing or chemical spraying; plant ground crops between rows of trees and bushes to control weeds
and soil temperatures; and construct wire trellises (frames) to support vines, berries and fruit
• Wood shop basics including use of table saw, band saw, cleaning, painting, farm machinery and tool maintenance
• Develop yearly project schedule and budget plan within guidelines
• Supervise outsourced labor

Personal Requirements:
• Have a general understanding and concern for animal care and welfare. Able to handle animals, specifically young
horses, with confidence and patience
• Be attentive to detail and enjoy practical work, self-motivated, staying productive and willing to work until the days'
tasks are completed
• Be organized, orderly, and help improve organizational systems, such as keeping tools and buildings neat and ready for
use at any time
• Be capable of remembering or writing down detailed instructions. Be able to document tasks and use of time
• Be able to communicate honestly and respectfully about concerns
• Excel at taking initiative and getting routine things done without needing to be reminded of responsibilities
• Be task oriented, willing to do any job and do it well
• Be accustomed to farming, gardening and landscaping
• High level of building and facilities maintenance to include basic carpentry, electrical and mechanical skills as well as a
mechanical aptitude
• Able to cope with the physical demands of the job and enjoy working outdoors, able to undertake manual and heavy

The person who fills this position will work closely with the farm owners. You need to be self-motivated, since there may not always be someone to direct everything you do.

Starting salary: $17.00 - $24.00 per hour with potential increase based on your personal characteristics and capabilities. We are looking for someone that will be available during the week and is willing to work in all kinds of weather though the specific hours are flexible.

A valid driver's license is required. You will need to supply references. You must also be able to lift at least 75 lbs. and be on your feet for long hours .

Application Instructions: 

Please email a description of your work experiences and why you want to join the farm.
Also, explain why you think you would be a good fit for the job and what skill sets you have. If we think you would be well
suited for our farm, we will email you to discuss further.

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