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Harvest and Production Manager Bluma Farm at Bluma Farm - 12285

Job Title: 
Harvest and Production Manager Bluma Farm
Bluma Farm
2201 Dwight Way Bluma Farm
94705 Berkeley , CA
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Job Description: 

The Harvest/ Production Manager position involves working with a small team on all aspects of running a production flower farm. This includes overseeing tasks such as: propagation, transplanting, weeding, irrigation, bucket washing, harvest, post-harvest handling. And may include managing our mini farmers market at the farm, deliveries and floral design. Once the season gets under way the majority of the farm tasks are centered around the harvest and delivery schedule. The ideal candidate has at least 2 years of experience on a production flower farm (preferably in a management role), a strong work ethic, and is punctual. Must be able to lift 50lbs, able to work in all weather conditions, and able to work weekends. Must have a clean driving record and a current drivers license and have reliable transportation to and from the farm in Sunol.

The position starts April. This position will be either Full Time or Part Time

The position reports to the Farm Owner and works with a small field crew to complete all farm operational tasks. The ideal candidate will be able to work quickly and efficiently on their own as well as help manage a small crew. Most importantly, the candidate for the position has a good work ethic, skilled and experienced in all aspects of flower production, good leadership skills, is punctual, and willing to work closely on a small team and who has a passion for organic farming and flowers. Competitive salary to be determined based on experience.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Major Responsibilities
Organizing orders/ Availability lists
Communicates with Farm Owner and customers about what’s being harvested
Leads the weekly harvests of over 50 varieties of cut flowers
Keeps cooler and office organized
Weekly/daily weeding tasks
Weekly Irrigation tasks
Greenhouse Propagation
Field Plant outs
Occasionally driving a cargo van for deliveries
Works closely with the Farm Owner to help manage Field crew members to achieve the daily and weekly tasks
Foster a healthy work environment

Education & Experience: 

Candidate Specification: Key Selection Criteria
Ideal Experience
Previous Farm experience.
2 years experience on a production flower farm, at least one year in a management role.
Experience with customer service and farmers market sales
Experience with weed management, harvest and post harvest handling of cut flowers.
Experience in greenhouse production and greenhouse management.
Experience using hand tools for weeding
Excited about joining a small crew on a 2-acre cut flower farm!

Critical Competencies for Success:

Bluma’s mission is based on its high standards of quality in both product and organic farming practices. The Assistant Farm Manager position must be able to lead and motivate employees and demonstrate efficient and safe use of tools. He/she must have a good work ethic, be punctual, and have a good sense of humor. The successful candidate will be a team player who displays good communication skills.
The success of Bluma is based on its ability to accomplish many things efficiently and with a high standard for quality. The Assistant Farm Manager Position will have a mindset geared towards Bluma’s mission and vision of providing high quality flowers to the local market in a healthy and exciting work environment. He/she will be a proven leader who will focus on accomplishing daily and weekly goals with the larger picture in mind.
The candidate must be able to lift at least 50 pounds and able to work in all weather conditions.

Other Personal Characteristics

Ability to perform routine farm tasks (weeding, harvesting, planting, bucket washing)
Strong work ethic
Proven leadership skills
Passion for organic farming and flowers
Ability to take initiative
Good sense of humor
Punctual and reliable
Ideal candidate has worked effectively as part of a small team with a wide range of responsibilities

Application Instructions: 

Interested applicants are encouraged to submit an application.

Please email your resume, two references, and cover letter detailing why you would like to work at Bluma Farm.

Please address application materials and any questions to:

Harvest/ Production Manager Position

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