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Harvest crew at Free Spirit Farm - 14627

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Harvest crew
Free Spirit Farm
Putah Creek Rd
95694 WINTERS , CA
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Free Spirit Farm Job Description

Free Spirit Farm is a 10 acre organic farm with mixed fruit, berry and vegetable production in Winters California.  We will be going into our 15th season and are looking to hire 2-3 people for the summer season starting around the beginning of June and with a flexible ending date sometime between end of August- end of October.  This would be a great place to learn about growing perennial crops as we have a really diverse orchard of peaches, plums, plots, apricots, figs, pomegranates, persimmons, apples, pears, cherries and almost 2 acres of blackberries.  Because it's a small farm, a lot of the work will be harvesting, but there should still be plenty of opportunity to learn about all our systems/mechanization/general farm management/orchard care etc. 

Duties : Harvesting, working farmers markets, packing/sorting, fruit thinning, pruning, and weeding. 

Hours: 30-40 Hrs a week, days start around 6am-1pm depending on the time of year. Work will be available from beginning of June until the end of October (we can be flexible)

Expectations: Motivated and hard worker, positive attitude, will be working with about 3-4 other people most days in a fun outdoor environment. Should be able to lift 50 pounds

Pay: $18/HR (plus fruit/veggies)

contact Toby Hastings at

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Harvesting, working farmers markets, packing/sorting, fruit thinning, pruning, and weeding.

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contact Toby Hastings at

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