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Job Title: 
Head farmer
Petaluma , CA
Job Type: 
Employment Type: 
Job Description: 

Head farmer- year around established farm growing for 1 farmers market and fine dining restaurants. Manage a year around crew of 2 workers (goes to 3-4 hands in summer)- 5 acres total.
-Cover crops
-some biodynamic techniques
-unusual crops of heritage seeds used
-paid time off 1 week
-salary with uniform compensation
-compensation equal to relative job experiences- references WILL be checked.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

-Managing 2-4 farm hands
-care and planting of plants
-organic/biodynamic preps/sprays
-harvesting twice weekly
-manage successful successsion planting schedule.
-greenhouse care- manage farm hands in and around property

Education & Experience: 

-Tractor experience
-Managing successful succession planting schedule
-basic ability to repair small engines
-greenhouse experience
-needs to understand how to accurately plant for consistent production throughout the year.
-assessing bug pressures before crops are damaged
-ability to grow healthy plants
-tastefully varieties

Application Instructions: 

Send qualified resume to Sam

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