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Head Farmer/Gardener at Delphi Agrarian Arts Foundation - 5475

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Head Farmer/Gardener
Delphi Agrarian Arts Foundation
Los Gatos, Santa Cruz Mountains , CA 95033
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Job Description: 

Delphi Agrarian Arts Foundation is a horticultural learning center located on a private estate in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Nearly all of the acreage is under management and includes ornamental and formal gardens featuring native plants and trees, as well as species from different parts of the world. Half of the property is devoted to food production including mixed vegetables, cut flowers, legumes and grains, an extensive fruit orchard with numerous varieties, nut trees, and a small vineyard. Biodynamic methods are practiced with composted animal manures supplied by estate's horses and chickens. Delphi is an example of the ferme ornee concept combining productivity with intentional design, aesthetics and beauty.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Growing food for the Delphi estate and its workers according to biodynamic principles and practices.
Manage and maintain all vegetable borders, fruit tree orchard, and vineyard, including bed preparation, composting, mulching, irrigating, pruning, cover cropping, and pest management.
Apply biodynamic preparations.
Save seeds from previous growing season, clean, and maintain inventory.
Start seeds and maintain seedlings in glasshouse/shade house.
Create annual garden plans with appropriate crop rotations.
Manage coworkers and interns as required.
Lead educational workshops/garden tours focused on biodynamic food production.

Education & Experience: 

A minimum of two year’s experience working on a biodynamic farm or garden project with expertise in soil care, composting, applying the biodynamic preparations, and planting by the biodynamic calendar.
Experience with fruit tree care, planting, and pruning. Knowledge of training techniques such as espaliers and cordons a plus.
Previous management experience.
Excellent communication skills with the leadership capacity to direct, motivate, and inspire coworkers and interns.
Enthusiastic, trustworthy and disciplined with a capacity for hard work.

Application Instructions: 

Please send resume to
We offer a good salary commensurate with experience, benefits, and delicious home-grown food.

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