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Head Organic Farmer at Farm to Table Restaurant at Sweetwater Kitchen - 5717

Job Title: 
Head Organic Farmer at Farm to Table Restaurant
Sweetwater Kitchen
3621 Hells Backbone Road
Boulder, UT 84716
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Job Description: 

We are a farm to table restaurant in a beautiful and remote area. Our main business is the guest lodge and restaurant. We have a 1.5 acre organic restaurant that needs to be managed and produce enough to supply our restaurant. Vegetables, herbs and flowers are the focus. We also have a few well-producing fruit trees that may need some care. 40 hour work week is required, sometimes more or less dependent on weather and needs at that time. Working alongside the head chef and restaurant staff is key to having an efficient garden with no waste. This is a very good opportunity for a determined independent individual, reap what you sow! We cater weddings and retreats so there are several opportunities for making extra money. Great monthly salary as well as housing on the property with utilities and internet included.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

GARDEN TASKS – Do whatever necessary to have the biggest harvest possible
- Pre-planning planting and harvesting time tables for the season and upcoming weeks
- Weeding
- Complete all necessary garden tasks in timely manner
- Keep garden looking clean and tidy
- Be respectful of guests
- Be inviting to guests and let them explore the garden within reason

HARVESTING – when bringing food to the kitchen it needs to be ready to be stored and used
- clean off all the dirt from the veggies
-Clean, Weigh, Record, Organize
-trim all excess leaves to make it fit in our limited fridge space
-put veggies in proper storage containers, label and date,
-there will be a gardens section in the fridge for you to store the veggies
- Keep log sheet organized and up-to-date
- Transfer written data to excel weekly and email to manager

-Manage an assistant and make sure they know all the ins and outs of the garden
-When you are gone make sure all necessary tasks will be fulfilled including daily harvesting
- Be the boss of the garden and be diligent and make sure any helpers know and understand
their task.

- have clear communication with the kitchen staff, be sure to tell them what is coming up, and
find out what the kitchen needs.
-there will be a list left for you every morning of what the kitchen needs for service that day
-Be available, or have your assistant available everyday the kitchen is open, we will need daily
-Weekly meeting with Chef to talk about upcoming harvests, possible surpluses or unexpected

-One monthly blog, basically a garden update.
-Take photos weekly if possible for social media etc.

AMBASSADOR – Remember that you are an extension of the SWK / BMGR business, you are one of the most visible employees. Conduct yourself with grace and respect and maintain a good appearance.

FARMERS MARKET – the local farmers market is a great way to keep locals excited about us. It might be a once in a while thing for garden surplus but keep it in mind.

Education & Experience: 

4 - 5 years experience in gardening or farming at least 1 acre. We need someone that can take their own reins independently and turn our nice sized garden into a highly efficient production which our restaurant can rely on consistently through the growing season.

Application Instructions: 

Please send resume and a cover letter with a bit about yourself, experience, and how you would thrive in our special situation to

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