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House and farm sitter at Private homestead - 9911

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House and farm sitter
Private homestead
Jasper, FL
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Job Description: 

I am looking for an individual or couple who knows their way around an organic garden, can maintain a food forest, can sell at the local markets on Saturdays and knows the basics of vermiculture. I have 5 acres with a market garden, worm farm, food forest and more projects to come. I am offering housing and a stipend for the right person. This will be long term, preferably, and amounts to 20 hrs of work per week. Lots of free time for your own hobbies. The housing has all the basic amenities (AC/heat, power, water), but no TV service and use of Verizon cellular only for internet (your responsibility). New projects welcome, also.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Maintain market garden with organic practices and sell produce locally at market days (Saturdays). Will require experience with seed starting, pot transfers and planting.
Build and maintain food forest - create paths, interplant with guilds and use permaculture principles to increase productivity.
Keep worm farm and compost piles expanding as the population grows. Sell vermicompost at market.
Add new principles and projects - natural buildings; expanding with new chickens/guineas/quail; wildflower plots, beekeeping, etc.
Property security - will keep a presence on the property with time for vacation, but will not be absent from the property for more than 2 days during growing/garden season.

Education & Experience: 

Training and experience in permaculture principles, natural building, food forests, sustainability, and organic farming.
No degree required, but must have at least 1 year experience with the above.

Application Instructions: 

Please send a resume or a summary of your experience with the projects listed in the job description. Please also explain your current living situation and your family and pets that may be traveling with you.
Please provide 2-3 references.


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