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Inspections Manager at Oregon Tilth - 10397

Job Title: 
Inspections Manager
Oregon Tilth
2525 SE 3rd Street
97333 Corvallis , OR
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Job Description: 

The Inspections Manager is responsible for the oversight, supervision and overall management of inspections for the Oregon Tilth program. This includes the development and implementation of strategic goals set by the certification program to ensure clients are satisfied and the department has the necessary resources to deliver the ultimate customer experience and ensure overall compliance and oversight in on-site evaluations of certified operations. The Inspections Manager supervises employees focused on audit and inspection work within Oregon Tilth.

This is a fully remote position.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

The responsibilities of the Inspections Manager include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Engaged Teams – Ensuring excellent customer service by leading program development related to auditors, contractors and audits; overseeing the development of an annual inspection plan inclusive of all scopes and types; overseeing the development of and improvements in inspection and audit related documents and procedures; collaborating with other departments and external entities to provide and/or develop training and continued education; monitoring the needs of the certification program in regards to inspections; communicating to necessary parties regarding procedures and/or problem solving; overseeing the auditor and contractor evaluation process and ensuring regular feedback for improvement and consistency; partnering with employees on professional development plans; conducting appropriate performance management including the writing of performance evaluations.
• Empowered Clients – Working to enhance the relevance of Oregon Tilth by growing the program and ensuring a high level of quality and integrity in the inspections process; serving as the lead in resolving escalated issues; evaluating client feedback for improvement and consistency; monitoring the annual audit and inspection plan progress; and implementing appropriate action to improve consistency and quality at all levels of the program.
• Exemplary Leadership – Collaborating with other departments to determine the best utilization of resources to enhance customer satisfaction levels; analyzing and reporting on the annual audit and inspection plan progress and implementing appropriate action to improve consistency and quality; developing and overseeing the annual training plan for auditors and contractors; ensuring a high level of quality and integrity in all aspects of inspection and auditing; engaging with external affiliations in audit and inspector development; creating open and effective communication channels with other managers and teams; partnering with the management team to implement the annual work plan and organizational goals within client delivery; serving as a representative of Oregon Tilth in relevant industry areas as appropriate; and role modeling diversity, equity and inclusion.

Education & Experience: 

• Bachelor’s Degree with 3-5 years supervisory/manager experience OR 7+ years of supervisory/manager and team leadership experience
• Demonstrated project management experience
• Experience with conflict resolution techniques
• Good judgment and excellent critical reasoning skills
• Outstanding communication and natural leadership ability
• Ability to perform under pressure
• Excellent customer service skills

Application Instructions: 

Please send your resume and cover letter specifically indicating your interest in applying to Applications will be accepted through Monday, July 13 (5:00pm Pacific Time). Late applicants will not be accepted. No phone calls, please.

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