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Irrigation Lead at Casa Rosa Farm - 5458

Job Title: 
Irrigation Lead
Casa Rosa Farm
Guinda, CA 95637
Job Type: 
Employment Type: 
Job Description: 

We are seeking a crew leader with experience with solid set irrigation (aluminum sprinkler pipe) who can manage an irrigation schedule and assign and supervise other employees at this task. This person would primarily be responsible for irrigation and animal movements (cattle and sheep) in a pasture based system.

This person would live on the farm in a private cabin, with utilities, internet and food provided according to the terms of the employment agreement.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Develop and implement a weekly and monthly irrigation schedule under the supervision of the farmer. Be the primary person responsible for daily pasture sprinkler moves, troubleshooting, repair and maintenance of pvc/gasketed aluminum pipe, K-line systems, and drip irrigation systems as needed. Competency required.

Feeding/checking cows, sheep, and chickens, observing animals for health and reporting observations to the farmer, preparing feed and fodder, checking water delivery systems, checking and maintaining drip and solid set irrigation systems, wells, and pipelines and reporting problems to the farmer daily, checking fences, moving or repairing fencing as needed.

Other tasks: assisting the farmer with lambing and calving, assisting with loading animals for transport or for veterinary care, mowing, pruning and planting in the orchards, organizing and cleaning the shop and sheds, helping keep the farmstead clean and tidy.

Taking a leadership role in the care, cleaning and maintenance of the employee/work-stay visitor housing. Maintain (plant, weed, fertilize, harvest) 4 raised beds that provide the greens and vegetables for the employees and work-stay visitors. Help maintain the orchard by weeding, pruning and harvesting fruit for your use and the employee kitchen.

This position, while full-time, has a lot of flexibility for an experienced person to pursue their own independent projects. Some examples that come to mind are: short season vegetable production such as melons, cherry tomatoes, snap peas. Also: broiler chicken production, niche meats (quail, rabbit), or on a longer term basis, blackberry or strawberry production. The farmers are willing to mentor and provide marketing, sales and regulatory assistance as well as access to equipment.

Education & Experience: 

at least 18 years of age
a legal resident of the US
ability to lift 50 lbs or more
valid US driver's license, preferably a CA DL
at least 2 years of relevant experience working with solid set irrigation pipe
experience operating a skidsteer or loader tractor
no allergies that would prevent you from working on a farm such as allergies to common materials found on farms (ex: dust, hay, pollen) that require medical treatment or strict avoidance
physically and mentally able to perform the duties listed in the job description
ability to positively motivate other employees effectively as well as supervise and encourage unpaid work-stay visitors
ability to think critically and make independent decisions based on experience
an interest and appreciation for the farming life style
dependable and detail oriented

Application Instructions: 

Please email us your resume or list of farms worked and at least 4 references to:

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