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Kidding and Farming Intern at Villa Villekulla Farm - 12279

Job Title: 
Kidding and Farming Intern
Villa Villekulla Farm
213 Bicknell Hill Road Villa Villekulla Farm
05077 Tunbridge , VT
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Duties & Responsibilities: 

Feeding and caring for newly born goat kids. Assisting with vaccinations and disbudding. Mucking pens. Depending on time commitment, interest level and competency, duties can evolve and expand to include goat milking, pasture work and dairy processing.

Application Instructions: 

Email resume and references to We look forward to hearing from you!
*All COVID safety protocols for out-of-state travelers will be observed. You will be expected to adhere strictly to such precautions for the duration of your stay here in order to avoid putting yourself or the greater farm community at risk. Please be prepared to plan accordingly.

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