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Laborer at Agricultural Ecosystem Design - 2976

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Agricultural Ecosystem Design
652 E Kachina Ave
Apache Junction, AZ 85119
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Job Description: 

We provide regenerative landscaping and design services.
The position is part-time, on-call for first 2-3 months. We will transition you into full-time work.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

You will start as a laborer and learn as you go. You will be involved in everything from monthly maintenance of landscapes to installation of new landscapes.

Education & Experience: 

Willingness to learn, grow and adapt.
Not a stranger to working in extremely hot weather.

Application Instructions: 

About us:

Agricultural Ecosystem Design

We are hiring!

We are a small specialty landscaping company that specializes in many things. Check out our website.

We are looking to bring on the right person part time, on-call starting as soon as September 5th
About you:

If you are a passionate, healthy, caring, PATIENT and environmentally conscious person with the capacity to continually grow, learn and adapt, then we are interested in you.

Your position may grow into full time work over the next 2-3months. We understand this may not be ideal for everyone. It is what it is.

No experience needed. This position can grow into a career for the right person so we are seeking someone with that mindset.

Initially you will be following orders and taking direction and completing tasks. You must be able to think for yourself and work independently while also being able to follow chain of command. This position will be what you make of it. We do everything by the book so be prepared for that.

This is mostly hard work in the heat that will make you sweat but can be very rewarding.

We do require you to own specific tools. This can come later. For now you just need a water bottle, comfortable shoes, pants, your own work gloves, a t-shirt and always bring a long sleeved shirt as well.

Reply with a few paragraphs about yourself. Be honest and unique. Generic responses will be deleted.

No drug addicts, alcoholics or smokers. You may be tested at any random time as we see fit.

Send 2 references i.e. Teachers, past employers, etc.

If we like you, you will be contacted for an interview ASAP.

Above average pay.

Getting your foot in the door with a company which provides opportunity for advancement in pay and job title.

We pay for continuing education in the field.

We are open to new ideas and ways of doing things. It is expected that you are a forward thinking person and we will support this mentality in the workplace.

Good luck.

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