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Land and Garden Worker/Co-Creator at Simetra Sanctuary - 10425

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Land and Garden Worker/Co-Creator
Simetra Sanctuary
15642 Irwin , PA
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Simetra Sanctuary is a fledgling holistic center in southwestern Pennsylvania on ten acres of wild forest ecology and cultivated spaces, designed for humans of high vibrational frequency to celebrate the infinite beauty of our planet, and of each other.

What do we mean when we say high vibrational frequency?

While we may often struggle with fear, anger, and other negative emotions, we do our best to transmute these energies on a routine basis by using our human intention to connect to the highest energetic frequencies available to us during any particular moment in time. Even if we have reached a high vibrational frequency once, or twice, or many times, we know achieving this state can often be elusive, requiring consistent practice.

For this reason, we take the time to be energetically cleansed before entering the forest, a somewhat fragile ecology recovering from a history of coal mining (and more recently toxic construction materials being dumped onto and burned within some of the upper sections of the property). Some methods of cleansing include meditation to quiet the mind, and smudging with plant allies to clear our human energetic fields.

The most important thing is a willingness to connect with our forest friends as co-creative partners, in ways very similar to how we would connect with human friends. We view this relationship as one of reciprocity, aspiring to give more than we take.

We are currently seeking part-time help for some of the more mundane garden chores including shoveling (and then wheelbarrowing) composted/well-aged manure from the neighboring horse farm to our many brush-pile garden beds.

Our ideal candidate is someone with an intense love and respect for Nature who is physically capable of lifting heavy loads and working hard while maintaining a pleasant disposition.

Experience with a chainsaw is desired (but not required) as some of our large fallen trees may be cut into sections before moving to other areas of the property.

Future projects include building a straw bale greenhouse and a cob meditation hut.

Pay is $10 per hour. Must have own reliable transportation, as public transportation does not serve this rural area.

Work schedule is weather-dependent, ranging anywhere from 4 - 12 hours per week. As our organization grows, this position may develop into more hours and responsibility.

Guardian ‘poison’ ivy and deer ticks exist within the property, so dressing appropriately and taking proper precautions is advised.

Simetra Sanctuary does not discriminate based on race, gender, sexual identity, religion, or political affiliation.

Thank you for considering this position!

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