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Land available for farming-approx 3 acres deep valley loam at Riparia Farm - 12857

Job Title: 
Land available for farming-approx 3 acres deep valley loam
Riparia Farm
2300 Estes Road
95928 Chico , CA
Job Description: 

Not a job - this is a FARMING OPPORTUNITY, for one person, two or a small group. Approximately three acres of agricultural land is available for organic farming at Riparia Farm in Southwest Chico. Riparia is a small intentional community situated on 12 acres of agricultural land. The soil is deep valley loam and has been farmed sustainably for 33 years. The community owns a tractor which is available for farmer’s use for a small fee to cover expenses.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

A person, couple or small group of people who are committed to sustainable farming practices, willing to responsibly care for the land. Farmer(s) will cover the cost of water for irrigation and a small fee for use of the land.

Education & Experience: 

Farmer(s) should have sufficient education, skills, and experience to successfully meet the challenges of farming, including irrigation and operating equipment. We encourage application of best practices for farming in the face of climate change and increasing periods of drought.

Application Instructions: 

Applicants should reply by email to to the questions below and include 2 or 3 references with name, email and phone number. For more information, contact Emily at 530 864-0714.
• Describe in detail your experience with sustainable agriculture.
• Tell us about yourself and your background.
• What would you be interested in growing?

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