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Livestock Manager at Flying Coyote Farm - 14594

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Livestock Manager
Flying Coyote Farm
19779 SE Langensand Rd Flying Coyote Farm
97055 Sandy , OR
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Job Description: 

Flying Coyote Farm is a 37-acre certified organic and biodynamic farm nestled in the foothills of Mt. Hood in Sandy, Ore. Established in 2013 we grow 8-acres of vegetables using a mix of mechanized and bio-intensive growing practices and manage the rest of our acreage through rotational grazing and cover crop rotations. Our primary outlets for our produce are through our 220 member CSA program, year round farmer’s market, and local restaurants and groceries. We also have an extensive livestock program where we raise pigs, lamb and chickens for meat. Each year we raise 1650 broiler chickens, 15-20 pigs and 20-30 sheep all on pasture. We farm year round, rain, sun or snow and enjoy the hustle and hard work of growing food for our community. Our employees are truly what make the farm run, and although farming is incredibly mentally and physically demanding we value creating a safe and enjoyable work environment for our farm crew and nurturing folks’ skills and interests while on the farm.

Our crew consists of Lili Tova (farm manager), Dan Sullivan (farm manager), Piper Krabbenhoft (Farm Crew Manager), Stephen Lewis (Livestock Manager), as well as 4-7 other full time and part time crew members depending on the time of year.

Serious applicants only. Reading the job description thoroughly and following the application instructions will greatly increase your chances of being considered for any available positions. Please do not contact us through our social media accounts regarding employment opportunities; if you have any questions that aren’t answered in the information below you can contact us via email.

Things to know before applying:

We may have on farm housing available for full time positions. Please indicate in your application if you are interested in on farm housing. We are happy to help you find housing in the area if you are coming from out of state.

Farm Produce – employees can take home as much produce as they would like for themselves and their household, please check in if you want to take home produce that will be given to someone outside of your household.

All positions include paid sick leave (one hour for every 40 hours worked)

Please be sure that you meet the ‘Skills and Qualifications’ required for each position before applying.

All applicants must have proof of vaccination from the last six months.

We are not able to hire any non-domestic applicants at this time.

Hiring process:

We will review all applications in the order that they are received and will get in touch with you within approximately 1 week of receiving your application.

First interviews will be conducted virtually (Zoom/Facetime/Skype).

Second round interviews will be on farm working interviews. Working interviews take place M-F are are generally four hours long.

General Requirements for all Positions:

Have transportation to get to work on time dependably.

Demonstrated commitment to organic and sustainable farming

Have a working cell phone for communication.

Be able to follow instructions and pay attention to details.

Be able to commit to staying the duration of the season.

Be physically fit and able to lift 40 lbs. repeatedly.

Be able to keep a positive attitude, even in the midst of challenges.

Respect all staff and appreciate their work and contributions

Self-motivation to do a quality job in an efficient way

Keep track of work speed and strive for efficiency

Work well with others and have experience working as part of a team

Ask for additional information if directions seem inadequate or unclear

Responsive to feedback from supervisors and co-workers

Duties & Responsibilities: 

We are looking for one passionate, hardworking, and detail-oriented person to join our farm crew for the 2022 season. We are seeking a candidate who can adopt the best practices of our existing livestock systems while continuing to help refine them and adapt them to evolving farm needs & interests. Ideal candidates should enjoy physical labor, possess a strong interest in food and farming, have pasture-based livestock experience and appreciate working as part of a team. The Livestock Manager Position will work closely with the farm managers to oversee all aspects of the livestock program including pasture raised chickens, pigs, a small herd of goats and care of our livestock guardian dog. This position will also include working on the organic vegetable side of the farm when not directly engaged with livestock work.
*We offer on farm housing for this position for those interested*
Roles and Responsibilities:
- Observation, feeding, watering & caring of chicks in brooders
- Observation, feeding, watering & caring of chickens, and pigs on pasture
- Observation, feeding, watering & caring of brush maintenance goat herd
- Observation, feeding, watering & caring of livestock guardian dog
- Daily & weekly moving of poultry houses, goats and pigs
- Maintenance of automated watering, electric fences, chargers, feeders, hoses, etc.
- Picking up chicks from post office and unpacking them into brooder
- Regular cleaning of brooders and coops
- Driving truck and trailer to pick up animal feed
- Unloading animal feed with tractor forks
- Weed whacking & mowing of fence-lines and other general pasture maintenance
- Crating/loading of animals for transport
- Two weekends a month of livestock chores (approx. 2 hours per weekend)
- Working with farm crew on vegetable production including harvest, post harvest handling, planting, weeding and general crop care when not directly engaged with livestock.
- Maintaining farm record keeping systems for organic certification, harvest and production records and time trial records

Schedule: Wed- Fri 8am-4:30pm March – May, Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:30pm June - Nov and 8am-4:30pm in Dec. At times we may require crew members to work shorter or longer hours depending on weather and/or workload. There is an unpaid 45-minute lunch break each day, plus two, paid 10-minute breaks. Two weekends a month of livestock chores (approx. 2 hours per weekend)

Compensation: $15-$16/hr (DOE) plus free on farm housing valued at $600/month

Skills and Qualification:
- Two seasons full-time commercial pasture-based livestock farming experience or equivalent (volunteer or part time roles do not qualify)
- Basic tractor operations ie. fork and bucket work (for feed-moving, brooder clean outs)
- Knowledge of basic needs and preventative health care for poultry, pigs, goats
- Ability to manage, operate, & refine multiple-species livestock systems independently
- Ability to operate stick shift vehicles

Application Instructions: 

Please fill out this application to be considered for this position. Please also email a resume with a complete record of your work experience to

Apply online here:

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