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Livestock Manager at Homestead - 4005

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Livestock Manager
Los Gatos, CA 95032
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Job Description: 

We are looking for a livestock manager to care for dairy goats, chickens, and ducks on a 10-acre homestead in Los Gatos, CA. The property is also home to 350+ fruit trees, a variety of perennials, and extensive raised beds and fields.

There is room for growth and a potential opportunity to manage a much larger herd at another nearby site (Soquel). Position is currently about 70% fieldwork, 20% kitchen, 10% office work. Goat milk is included.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

- Lead care and daily operations for dairy goat herd (currently 20 but will double this spring), chickens (50 layers and seasonal meat bird flock of 150).
- Make recommendations for livestock management based on observations, best practices, and holistic animal care principles.
- Manage pasture rotation.
- Milk dairy goats (with milk machine).
- Optimize and direct animal zone work flow (mucking, feeding, etc.).
a clean, safe, well organized working space.
- Record milk production, health metrics, life histories, and reproductive data in database.
- Order feed, monitor feed quality, and coordinate deliveries.
- Account for animal zone related purchases.
- Communicate needs to team as needed.
- Coordinate milking schedule w team and coordinate w/weekend staff.
- Attend and contribute to weekly check-ins.
- Daily email reports/updates.
- Maintain milking equipment and filtering station
- Coordinate w vets and team re: vaccinations and any pertinent health issues.
- Manage breeding program.
- Prepare for and assist w goat delivery and early care during kidding season and beyond.

- Collect eggs.
- Monitor egg production.
- Document inputs and outputs.
- Manage and account for feed purchases.
- Set up and take down brooder zones (lights, feeders, waterers, enclosures) for all incoming layer and meat birds.
- Participate in chicken harvest/dressing.
- Maintain chicken coop.

- Process milk into cream, cheese, and butter.
- Assist in general farm work as needed (harvest, weed, process fruit/vegetables, equipment maintenance, cleanup,
organization, etc.)

Education & Experience: 

- Holistic farming approach.
- Experience caring for livestock, preferably dairy animals.
- Keen sense of observation.
- Willingness to work outside, on steep slopes, in inclement weather, hot and cold, alone or with others.
- Ability to lift 50lbs (one bag of feed).
- Commitment to giving and receiving direct, timely, and constructive feedback.
- Willingness to work longer days as needed (especially during kidding season).
- Willingness to be flexible and shift priorities
- Goat milking and kidding.
- Cheesemaking/food-handling.
- Organic farming.

Application Instructions: 

If interested, send cover letter and resume to

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