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Livestock Manager at Sow Good Farms - 5936

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Livestock Manager
Sow Good Farms
Los Gatos and Soquel, CA 95032
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Who we are:
Spiraledge is a company founded on one essential principle: to help people live healthier lives.

Sow Good Farms is a diverse 10 acre homestead in Los Gatos. We are seeking a driven and holistically minded individual to manage small herd of dairy goats, ducks, layers, and broilers.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

What you will do:
• Lead care for dairy goat herd, chickens, and ducks including health checks, hoof trimming, feed quality control, and coordinating with veterinarians
• Prep, lead, and coordinate goat breeding program and kidding season activities
• Perform and coordinate daily milking and milk processing, daily egg collections, and occasional meat harvests
• Provide daily email updates to owner, supervisor, and other team members
• Create systems for, and keep accurate records of feed consumption, numbers of animals, parasite loads, and other metrics as needed
• Inventory and order all livestock related items which need to be kept in stock including feed, cleaning supplies, supplements, and equipment
• Make recommendations for livestock management based on observations, best practices, and holistic animal care principles
• Assess animal enclosures for safety issues, breaches, pests, and structural integrity
• Implement control measures for pests and predators
• Manage grazing, seeding, and irrigation of small forage pastures
• Perform and coordinate regular maintenance on all processing/milking equipment
• Train other staff members on livestock protocols
• Assign and oversee tasks when appropriate
• Travel to our other farm in Soquel to help set-up animal operations there

Education & Experience: 

Who you are:
• Have a passion for animal and human welfare, ecologically sound farming practices, and progressive holistic approaches to food system management
• Comfortable adhering to naturopathic principals for animal care whenever possible (i.e. use of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, steroids, antibiotics, etc. is a last resort and must be approved by supervisor)
• Have diverse experiences managing a variety of livestock species, with special emphasis on dairy goats.
• Have experience milking by machine and hand
• Have experience processing milk
• Have experience with goat breeding and kidding
• Team oriented, but able to work individually on a regular basis
• Has excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Self-motivated, organized, and manage time efficiently
• Punctual and able to work occasional weekends and overtime when required

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