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Livestock Manager at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture - 9564

Job Title: 
Livestock Manager
Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture
10591 Pocantico Hills , NY ,
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Job Description: 

The Livestock Manager will have daily oversight and scheduling responsibilities of the livestock team including production managers, apprentices, interns, and volunteers. This individual will be responsible for the daily execution of the grazing plan, invasive species and trail maintenance schedules as well as poultry and swine rotations. The Livestock Manager will oversee all breeding, animal health, pasture, and animal performance records. This position requires a basic understanding of animal veterinary treatments, stockmanship, adaptive multi paddock grazing plans, and multi species pasture based systems. The Livestock Manager will work within an integrated team of farmers, researchers and other experts to further the development of a resilient agro-ecological system, explore symbiotic relationships between animals, plant-base and soil ecology and contribute to farm innovation and experimentation.

Duties & Responsibilities: 


● Provide support for care and welfare of all livestock
● Execute operational needs associated with the grazing plan and Conservation Action Plan
● Oversee daily operations of Livestock Operations Assistants
● Support maintenance of all fencing, tools and equipment related to livestock operations
● Coordinate and execute mowing operations
● Coordinate butchery schedules for all species
● Maintain daily operational records of grazing systems
● Maintain breeding records for sheep and goat flocks
● Maintain weight records and monitor performance of all species
● Develop role as a spokesperson for SBC
● A deep personal commitment to the values of health, ecology, and sustainability

Education & Experience: 

Required Skills and Experience:

● A deep personal commitment to the values of health, ecology, and sustainability
● Highly experience with large and small ruminant animals, swine, and poultry at a production scale
● A clear understanding of grassland and pasture ecosystems management, as well as a developed understanding of supplementary feeding
● Well organized, able to prioritize and manage a full and diverse workload, take initiative and be proactive
● Personable, warm and engaging teacher, with excellent organizational skills
● Demonstrated ability to work independently and as a member of a team
● Experienced with veterinary care of livestock including health assessments and administering medications when necessary
● Leadership experience. Able to explain tasks clearly
● Professional maturity and strong interpersonal skills
● Excellent verbal and written communications skills
● Practical experience managing a team, delegating tasks, and communicating goals and objectives

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