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Market Garden Production/Field Manager at Ecolibrium Farms - 9203

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Market Garden Production/Field Manager
Ecolibrium Farms
15410 Northeast 124th Street
98052 Redmon , WA
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Ecolibrium is looking for an energetic, hard-working, experienced Production/Field Manager to join our team. We grow 1.5+ acres of diversified vegetables on our 12-acre, organic farm in Redmond, WA (15 miles from Seattle). Our operation includes 40+ fruit trees (apples, plums, pears, walnuts), ~150 - 100’ permanent vegetable beds and ~9000 square feet of greenhouse space. We are driven by market gardening principles, utilizing human-scale tactics and keeping a light footprint, as we produce a large quantity of quality produce on small acreage, using regenerative practices focused on soil and ecological health.

Under the direction of the Farm Director, you will oversee all aspects of implementing the farm plan - from field prep to post-harvest handling to marketing/distribution. This person will eventually be in charge of crew training and management, leading a team of 3-4 people to execute each job efficiently and with attention to detail.

We are looking for someone who will share our passion for growing the best tasting food in a way that is good for the land. You will also have a desire to grow your farming knowledge and skills. Good communication, leadership skills and a collaborative approach are essential to the success of this position. You must be able to both take and give direction - with the farm crew in daily farm meetings and with the farm director in weekly administrative meetings.

Due to the seasonal nature of vegetable production, you must be willing and able to work long and irregular hours during peak season as the needs of the farm dictate. Applicants should be open to working some weekends, when necessary and should not plan extended vacation time during the primary growing season (April 15-October 15). Winter-time hours are much reduced and extended time off for holiday travel (Nov 15-Jan 15) is possible.

This is a full-time, salaried position. Salary is competitive and dependent on experience. Perks include free produce from the farm, comped access to Ecolibrium events, benefits that our partners offer us and off-season paid time off.

We're committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace and strongly encourage applicants from all backgrounds and walks of life to apply. The position starts as soon as it is filled.

Skills/Competencies Required:
At least three years work experience on diversified, vegetable farms
At least one year in a leadership/management position
At least one year advanced market gardening techniques and up-to-date on cutting edge small farm practices as practiced by
Competency with using a BCS and attachments (rotary plow, flail mower, power harrow)
Belief in self and competency to produce $100,000/acre
Desire and passion for working outdoors, with seasonally heavy work loads and public interaction
Ability to lift 50+ lbs and work long hours in all types of weather conditions
Educate volunteers and clients about the value of local food systems
Represent the values of the company while interacting with anyone on site
Experience implementing a field plan
Experience prioritizing projects, scheduling, executing bed prep, seeding, weeding, harvesting and setting up irrigation (overhead and drip) systems
Organic disease and pest management
Familiarity with the Pacific NW climate and unique growing challenges
Clean driving record, valid driver’s license, and ability to drive large passenger van/box truck
Familiarity with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) standards
Experience with record keeping for organic certification.
Experience with greenhouse construction and maintenance
Experience with four-season greenhouse management
Experience with general carpentry and welding - preferred skill
Fluency or familiarity with the following software:
Google Suite, Microsoft Office, DropBox, Square, Tend
Adaptability - able to be flexible when changes occur. Able to anticipate and bring about change when needed
Ability to identify potential problems, make decisions and collaborate to create viable solutions
Assertive personality, able to lead a crew and share opinions while understanding team dynamics and group cohesion
Convey positive attitude and enthusiasm to co-workers and guests
Cognitive flexibility and strengths-based approach to conflict resolution is paramount
Drive for results/resource management
Identify new ways to improve quality and productivity
Use available resources efficiently (e.g., time, materials, equipment).
Working Directly with the Farm Director, Tasks Include:
Develop Crop Plan
Seed ordering, crop locations, dates of planting/harvest, weeding schedule
Daily, weekly, monthly work flow
Oversee Field Operations
Manage 4-season greenhouse, propagation nursery and field
Manage cover crops to maintain soil fertility.
Maintain/mow unplanted areas around production field
Design and implement irrigation for fields, orchards, greenhouses and wash/pack, as needed
Including PVC piping, drip tape, sprinklers, misters
Planning, installation and maintenance of drip irrigation systems
Project Management
Lead a crew (2-3 people) of people to achieve daily, weekly and seasonal goals
Manage farm staff
Lead daily, morning check-ins
Train seasonal farm staff
Maintain positive attitude and team cohesion amongst the field crew
Motivate crew to accomplish time-sensitive tasks and maintain efficiency
Oversee data collection to improve farm operations and meet organic certification needs
Create logs - (i.e. greenhouse, seeding/transplanting,bed prep, harvest) with attention to detail and meticulous record keeping
Help develop crop manual
For ease of training as staff expands and develop standard operating procedures

Application Instructions: 

To apply, please send your cover letter and resumé to Make sure to mention any applicable skills and experience. Don’t hesitate to contact us by email with questions or concerns.

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