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Medicinal Plant Internship at Still Moon Farm via Rogue Farm Corps at Rogue Farm Corps - 9199

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Medicinal Plant Internship at Still Moon Farm via Rogue Farm Corps
Rogue Farm Corps
four chapters around the state , OR
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Still Moon Farm is a family run farm & homestead nestled in the mountainous Applegate Valley. Drew and Jonathon have been on the land for 8 years and are entering their 5th season farming. They actively cultivates around 3/4 of an acre of the 114 acre property. The farm focus is on the small scale cultivation and production of East Asian medicinal herbs, as well as offering holistic medicine through Acupuncture and bodywork. They are an LGBTQ BIPOC friendly farm and live within a community that is actively creating a safer space.
Still Moon Farm is located 45 minutes drive to Ashland, and a 20 minute drive to the nearest small town of Ruch. The land is surrounded by national forest, rolling hills, year long creeks, a pond, and abundant hiking trails. Adjacent to the land is an intentional community that produces artisan breads. Nearby entertainment includes: The Britt Music Festival, The Oregon Shakespeare Festival, paragliding, wine tasting, Applegate lake, river adventures, Pacific Crest Trail, and 2.5 hrs from the Pacific Ocean.
Still Moon Farm is Certified Organic with Wild Harvest certification as well. The main focus is on East Asian medicinal plants, which include many perennial plants, row crops, vines, bushes, and trees used in Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine. They sell direct to practitioners and also to tea purveyors, and apothecaries. Additionally they have a homestead garden that grows a respectable amount of vegetables, fruits, and berries for personal consumption. They do annual forestry work to support the ecosystem of the surrounding property. Marketing is primarily through word of mouth and through a small nonprofit that brings together over 10 West Coast farmers to bulk supplies for larger orders. At Still Moon Farm they plant, weed, harvest, wash and process all by hand. Jonathan is the main medicine plant farmer and Drew is the main gardener and orchard tender. Both contribute to logistics and maintenance of the farmstead and will be engaging in mentorship of interns.

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Early in the season, interns can expect Drew and Jonathon to train alongside them, teaching the basic principles of the farm, and being available to answer questions, adjust techniques, and help them go deeper. They put effort into a monthly heart connection to make sure the emotional air is clear between all on the farm. This is an opportunity to offer feedback for each other, especially for interpersonal experiences, and clear any positive or negative charges that may arise. They prefer people to find their independence and empower themselves to see where the farm needs tending. They offer books that can help each person learn more about Chinese Medicine theory, plant use, how to process for medicine and farming practices.

On farm training time consists of a standard 40 hours/week, but includes weekends. Interns will work alongside the Host Farmers or with experienced farm employees. Interns are also encouraged to pursue their specific interests within the farm operation, since there is such a diverse array of things happening.

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Cultivating plants for food or medicine is labor intensive as well as deeply rewarding. Drew and Jonathon hope to find mutual benefit in sharing the deep healing knowledge of the plants through the process of tending them for harvest and use as medicine. To make this farm viable they recognize the importance of offering their knowledge and experience in exchange for the help and support of other enthusiastic people who are interested in learning to cultivate plants for food and medicine.

Educational Opportunities: The Rogue Farm Corps Internship Program is a full season (6-8 month) entry-level residential internship program. Along with the hands-on field training you will receive from your Host Farm the Internship Program also includes classroom learning, tours of local farms, and a farm-based independent study project.

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Still Moon is one of many host farms in the Rogue Farm Corps Internship Program. The RFC Internship Program is a full season entry-level residential program combining hands-on training and skills-based education in sustainable agriculture. As an intern, you will live and train full-time on a host farm, receiving up to 1,500 hours of on-farm training and learning in-depth skills from your mentor. Your residential farm training experience is combined with farm tours, classes, and discussion circles throughout the region, as well as opportunities for independent study. Interns are exposed to a vast array of knowledge and expertise by engaging in the daily life of vibrant, agricultural communities. Rogue Farm Corps seeks to train an inclusive next generation of farmers and encourages applicants of all backgrounds and identities to apply. See Internship Details below or visit our website at for more info on the program.

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